Calm and Quiet Places to Work: 9 Ideas to Try Out

Working from home has many perks, from saving time to increasing productivity. However, if your home isn’t peaceful and quiet, you will probably have a hard time concentrating and getting some work done.

Still, that doesn’t mean that you should give up on remote working altogether. Below, we’ll give you a list of calm and quiet places to work that you can try out to find that perfect combination of peace and coziness. Keep reading to find your perfect workspace!

Why Is Quietness Important for a Work Environment?

As explained in a previous article, most people struggle to focus on their tasks when their environment is noisy and busy. As a result, they are not as productive as they could be, leading to poor performance and frustration.

Moreover, a bustling workplace isn’t suitable if you have to constantly hop on online meetings and talk to clients. In such circumstances, you have to appear as professional as possible, and that isn’t viable if your roommates, kids, or pets are running all around your space.

Another perk of a quiet workplace is the ability to analyze situations in a calm environment. You will find it easier to reflect on your work and catch any possible mistakes if your space is quiet. On the other hand, too much noise can cause you to miss important memos or errors, making you appear sloppy and careless.

Last but not least, a calm environment translates into relaxed workers. By eliminating stress, you can vastly improve how you feel about your job and how quickly you can complete your tasks. Plus, you can put a stop to procrastination, which only creates more stress and worry in the workplace.

Top 9 Quiet Places to Work

1. A Library

Libraries are some of the quietest places on Earth. After all, they are reserved for students, avid readers, and professionals in all industries. Plus, they often have staff members who make sure everyone is quiet, which is a big advantage.

So, you cannot go wrong with a library when looking for a quiet place to work. Moreover, it has everything you need for productivity, ranging from internet access to lots of space to set up camp. You even have access to books and online databases, which some might need for their work as well.

Now, if you have a few choices, it is best to stay away from college or school libraries. Although they are quiet as well, students usually make at least some noise when studying, so you might find them distracting. Thus, public libraries are a better bet if you need absolute quiet.

Of course, libraries are only a viable choice if you don’t need to make calls as you work. However, you can still use one if you only take one or two calls per day. If so, simply take the calls outside and then return to your work once you’re done.

2. Internet Cafes

Though most coffee shops offer free Wi-Fi, there are those that are specifically designed to accommodate online and remote workers. They are called internet cafes, and they are common even in smaller cities and towns.

To find the nearest internet cafe, you will have to set your search filters to those types of establishments alone. It’s important to remember that they all vary, so some might have more of an office vibe while others are more relaxed and similar to ordinary cafes.

Besides nearness, your decision should depend on how much quietness you need. The office-like cafes will suit you more if you need a calmer workspace. On the other hand, the spots that go heavier on the cafe part will be a better choice if you don’t mind moderate noise levels and other people milling around you.

Naturally, cafes can never be entirely quiet, even if they do resemble office spaces. So, only pick an internet cafe if you can work while hearing ambient sounds and being around other people.

3. Hotel Cafes or Bars

During the week, hotel cafes are usually deserted, making them the ideal place to get some serious work done. They also often offer Wi-Fi access, and it’s not difficult to get the password from the front desk.

What’s more, most hotels also have business centers that you can use if you need to print something. So, everything you need is truly in a single place, and it is one of the quietest spots you can pick.

If you feel bad about freeloading in a hotel lobby cafe or bar without actually staying there, there is an easy fix you can use. Namely, just order a drink or some snacks, and you’ll be all set.

Lastly, we should mention that the levels of business and quietness in particular hotels vary. So, some might be extra busy on work days, while others might be deserted until the weekend. Thus, it’s up to you to explore and find one that fits your business needs.

4. Botanical Gardens

Is your job more on the creative side? If you simply need a change of scenery to inspire you to write, draw, or edit your work, botanical gardens might be just what you are looking for.

It goes without saying that most botanical gardens do not offer Wi-Fi. So, if you need a stable connection, this option definitely won’t work for you. However, if you can make do without the internet for a bit or you have a portable connection, it’s an excellent choice.

The fresh air and greenery will do wonders for your stress levels and productivity. Plus, the environment can be helpful if you are stuck on a problem and cannot seem to find a solution.

Again, botanical gardens are a godsend for all artists, but they can also help you focus on any other type of work. As long as you come at a time when no big tours are expected, you can get a lot of work done under a tree or on a nice bench.

5. Coffee Shops

Granted, most coffee shops are pretty busy on a daily basis, which results in a lot of noise. However, every town has a few cafes that aren’t as bustling and noisy. There, you can easily find a quiet nook and enjoy some great coffee while you complete your tasks.

The secret to finding a quiet cafe is knowing when to visit it. You will probably have no luck in the mornings, as most people get their cafes or breakfasts at coffee shops during this time.

However, once the morning rush is over, the noise and business turn into a lull that is both calming and comfortable to work in. The ambient sounds ensure that your environment is not dead quiet while still being peaceful enough.

Afternoons (right after lunchtime) are also a great time to work in cafes. They are even quieter during these times, so you will have an easier time focusing and getting things done.

6. Parks

Similarly to botanical gardens, parks can inspire you to be more productive and have better focus. The secret is in being in nature and surrounded by greenery, as both are said to have calming properties.

What many parks have as an advantage over botanical gardens, though, is free Wi-Fi. A lot of cities and municipalities offer free Wi-Fi to all visitors, so you can work even if you need a connection at all times.

Of course, this connection will not be the fastest, so it’s best to avoid working at parks if you need to download large files. Likewise, you shouldn’t access classified documents on a public network, as you can never know who might be sharing it.

However, if you have no worries about large files or fast connections, parks are definitely the way to go. You will be surrounded by nature, basking in the sunshine, and being more productive than ever.

7. Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces resemble offices. The main difference is that, with coworking, you lease a desk for yourself in a communal area shared by other freelancers that often have nothing to do with your own industry or niche.

The advantages of coworking spaces are excellent. For one, you can join a space as frequently or seldom as you want without any consequences. So, you can only go once a week or a few times each month. You set your own schedule, which many people love.

In addition, coworking spaces are the home of other workers also looking for some peace outside their homes. As such, these spots are usually peaceful and perfect for increasing productivity and focus.

The fact that you will be surrounded by others also opens up a lot of possibilities for partnerships, collaborations, and even friendships. However, the spaces are just as great of a choice if you want to be left alone.

As perfect as these spots sound, it’s important to remember that they also have certain disadvantages. By far, the biggest one is the fact that leases and memberships often cost hundreds of dollars per month.

In other words, it usually isn’t possible to just book a spot when you need it and have it waiting for you. Instead, you have to pay a membership fee, after which you can come and go as you please.

Now, this condition isn’t an issue if you plan on coming in on most days and treating the space as your actual office. However, if you just need a spot to work in occasionally, a membership isn’t a good long-term investment.

In the end, it’s best to find a local coworking space and inquire about their rules. By doing so, you might find one that works for you.

8. Bookstores

It is not uncommon to find cafes or designated reading areas in bookstores. If your local bookstore has one, it might be the perfect place to work in.

Most people who spend time in these spaces are there to read. Thus, they will be pretty quiet as they enjoy their favorite books. That gives you the perfect environment for reading and sending emails, writing reports, or doing any other type of quiet work.

In case you feel bad for intruding without buying something, you can buy a book every now and then. From fiction to memoirs, you’ll surely find something that piques your interest.

It’s also a good idea to browse the non-fiction section for some books on productivity and focus. That way, you can buy a book and get some great tips that you can use in your own life.

9. Grocery Stores

We know what you’re thinking — grocery stores are probably the least peaceful spots on the planet. However, many of them have seating and eating areas that usually aren’t crowded or bustling.

If you like to people-watch and you don’t mind moderate noise, such spots are great for working. Plus, most stores offer Wi-Fi, so you won’t have to worry about appearing offline to your boss.

Depending on the weather and what your local store offers, you can pick between inside and outside seating areas. Both have their perks, so it’s up to you to choose what works better.

And when you’re done with work, you can kill two birds with one stone and do your grocery shopping as well. Thus, when you come home, you’ll have two big items to check off your to-do list.

Pro Tip: Making Every Workplace Quiet

Do you need absolute quiet while you work? Unfortunately, most public places (save from maybe libraries), can’t offer you that. When you share a space with other people, moderate noise is bound to happen.

However, there is a way you can go outside and be around others without actually hearing them. All you need is a quality pair of noise-canceling headphones.

As their name suggests, these headphones block out all sounds around you, whether it’s music, conversation, or ambient sounds. If you get a quality pair, you can make any workplace quiet, from diners to busy coffee shops.

A lot of the models on the market come with special features. They range from built-in mics for making calls to Alexa controls. Also, you can find a pair in just about any color you like, so they can be an accessory as well as a useful tool. 

Moreover, you can also choose between different styles of headphones. Overhead models give you the most coverage, but some might find them too bulky. If that’s your case, you can also get earplugs, which are lighter and easier to wear.

As for the price, you can get great headphones on a nice bargain. So, even if your budget is tight, you can still find a pair that will work for you.

To Sum Up

Finding a quiet place to work can be difficult, as most public spaces are full of people on a daily basis. However, some great options include libraries, internet cafes, coworking spaces, coffee shops, and parks.

To ensure every place you pick is extra quiet and peaceful, you can also buy noise-canceling headphones. And if you’d rather listen to some music or a white noise playlist, your regular headphones can be just as helpful.

All in all, the key to finding the perfect spot for work is to experiment. So, try every suggestion on our list and give it a chance. You might be surprised at how well some of them work!


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