Best Tips and Tricks for Sneaking Out of a House With Cameras

If you’re a young adult still living with your parents, it’s understandable if you want to come and go as you please. But if that isn’t really allowed in your household, it is just as understandable to try and find a way to sneak out without your parents — and your home security system — catching on.

So, if you’ve ever wondered how to sneak out of your house even when your security cameras are on, keep reading. Here is what you should know, from planning your exit to dressing for the occasion.

First Things First: Study Your Home Camera(s)

The crucial part of every good escape plan is preparation, and sneaking out of your home is no exception. So, your first order of business should be to study your camera system.

By doing so, you’ll know exactly which parts of your home and yard it covers. In other words, you’ll be able to (hopefully) plan an escape route that will avoid all of those spots.

If your parents have installed stationary cameras, you’ll likely be able to escape undetected. The key is to operate in blind spots, which can be quite easy when the camera always records the same pathways.

To stay out of its way, you’ll likely have to crawl, flatten yourself against a wall, or use the nearby furniture to hide yourself. All of that should be more than enough, as most cameras don’t reach past a few yards anyway.

However, if the camera is motion-sensitive, you’ll have your work cut out for you. Although not impossible, sneaking past such a camera is much more challenging. You’ll have to be a lot stealthier, and it would help tremendously if someone (like your sibling) could help by distracting the camera.

Either way, take some time to think all of these factors through. Then, come up with a detailed plan that takes them all into consideration, and you’ll be good to go.

Choose an Escape Route

Once you know exactly what area your camera(s) cover, your next step should be to choose an exit.

Now, very few cameras actually record windows and side entrances, as they’re usually focused on the front door. If that is the case with your own home security system, using a window will be your best bet.

However, it’s essential to choose either a ground-level one or a window that is, at most, one floor above. Otherwise, you risk hurting yourself, even if you have something to hold onto while getting down.

As for side doors, they’re an even better alternative if you’re lucky enough to have one in your home. They usually lead to the side of your yard, so staying hidden should not be that difficult. But make sure they’re not squeaking and you open them quietly.

And finally, if you have to use the front door after all, don’t despair. As I have already mentioned, the camera likely won’t be able to cover everything. So, you can make use of crawling to stay out of view until you’re in the clear.

Prepare Accordingly

While studying the cameras and picking an exit are essential, there are a few other tasks you must complete before setting off. As simple as they may sound, they can truly make or break the entire mission.

For starters, you will need to do your best to stay quiet. Even if you are home alone, most cameras used for surveillance can pick up sound. In other words, staying invisible means little if you make noise as you go.

Luckily, staying quiet is not difficult at all. You’ll need to wear soft-soled shoes or, even better, sneak out barefoot and put on shoes outside. Either way, the key is to ensure your steps are not detected by your parents or the cameras.

Next, it is also wise to wear clothes that aren’t bulky and, therefore, don’t cause too much noise. So, forego a jacket in the beginning and avoid any materials that may cause a lot of grinding noise (like leather or synthetic fibers).

Another pivotal thing to take care of is your pet, in case you have one. After all, what use is sneaking out and doing everything right if your dog or cat gives you away at the very last step?

So, make sure your pets are out of the way when you make your move. That way, the chances of slipping past undetected will be a lot higher.

Pro Tip

To ensure your absence doesn’t rouse suspicion, you should invent something that will keep your family out of your room for a while. Of course, this is only an issue if someone is at home, so you can skip it if the cameras are your only concern.

But if they aren’t, it’s smart to start telling your family you’re feeling really tired a few hours before you’re supposed to take off. That way, you can justify going up to your room and taking a long, long nap. And if you’re convincing, they’ll leave you alone to let you rest.

Aside from taking a nap, you can also say you’re studying, feign fatigue, or play some music to mask the fact that you’re gone. You can even make a deal with a sibling so they cover for you. In the end, as long as it helps hide that you are gone, everything is fair game.

It’s Better to Do It at Night

Sneaking out is risky business, and such endeavors always play out better during the night. After all, the darkness outside can fool both your camera and your family at home.

For one, it will be easier to hide and slip past the camera at night. Not many people invest in models with night vision recording, so you’ll be hidden a lot better. Just as importantly, hiding behind furniture or trees will look more natural as well.

Next, nighttime is also a more suitable time for fooling your family. Namely, they’ll be more likely to believe that you’re sleeping. Plus, they might fall asleep themselves or keep busy with movies or TV. Either way, they’ll be more tired and distracted, which will, in turn, make your job a lot easier.

Sneaking Out Is Only the Beginning

Even though getting out of the house and past the camera system is your main goal, you should not relax as soon as you manage it. Namely, you might get discovered right after if you make excess noise or don’t plan for the rest of the way.

For example, you should make sure you can get past your gate, whether you have to climb over it or simply walk out. Next, you should avoid taking any vehicle unless it is almost entirely soundless.

After all, if your family hears your car or motorcycle start, what was the point of all the sneaking? So, take your bike or go on foot if you can manage it. Alternatively, have whoever you are meeting wait for you down the street or the block to avoid suspicion.

And when you get back home after you’ve had your fun, exercise the same discretion. What’s more, be even more vigilant, as everything will be quieter during the dead of night.

So, make as little noise as possible, remember all my earlier tips about shoes and clothes, and you’ll be golden. In no time, you’ll be back in bed, and your parents will be none the wiser.

Some More Tips and Tricks

The ideas below can help make this entire process seamless or at least a bit easier, so give them a read.

If You’re Tech-Savvy…

In some cases, sneaking past cameras is as easy as disabling or hacking into their feed for a few minutes. Naturally, only those with prior experience can do that, and if you’re one of them, you can surely get out undetected without a hitch.

So, how does it work? Well, you’re supposed to replace the live camera footage with a recording of the empty yard or hallway or anything else that it usually shows. That way, your parents won’t even think twice to check what’s going on, as the feed will never change.

Of course, even if you manage this, you still should keep quiet and take all the other safety measures I mentioned. Otherwise, all your hacking prowess will have been wasted.

A riskier — but easier — play on this trick is to simply disable the cameras before sneaking out. Granted, this could alert your parents right away, especially if they have a habit of checking the feed often.

However, if they’re not even home or they don’t usually look at the feed, you can try your luck. If the stars align, you may not even have to explain the window of time with zero footage later on. And in case you have to, you can always feign innocence and claim you have no idea what happened.

Watch this video for additional tips on how to hack a CCTV.

It Takes a Village

As I’ve already mentioned a few times, having some help can really make this whole adventure a lot easier for you. This includes both inside and outside help, as they’re equally important.

Therefore, if you have siblings — especially if you share a room with them — ask them to cover for you. If they aren’t that keen to help out of the goodness of their heart, you can also bribe them. As long as it gets you past the cameras, you can try whatever.

The same goes for friends or anyone you’re meeting on the outside. If they can pick you up and help you get away without anyone noticing, your chances of success will be a lot higher. And after your hangout is over, they can lend you a hand once again and ensure you get home safely.

Test Everything Out

From everything I’ve discussed above, you can tell that sneaking past cameras is a task that takes a lot of careful planning. To ensure that everything you’ve theorized actually works, it won’t hurt to actually test it out before the grand opening.

In other words — try out your escape plan a few times. Wear what you’d have on when leaving, crawl, or hide behind furniture, and take a look at your yard to assess how it can help you hide.

If you notice that some part of the plan doesn’t really work when you attempt it, find a workaround. That way, you won’t have a nasty surprise on your hands on the night when the actual sneakout is supposed to go down. Even better, you’ll be well-practiced, so each step will go more smoothly.

To that end, it’s also smart to plan ahead for any possible accidents or bumps on the road that you might encounter. From accidental falls to run-ins with parents, it’s good to have an excuse or move ready for every occasion.

Final Thoughts on Sneaking Past Cameras

And there you have it — that’s how to sneak out of a home with a camera security system. Although it takes a lot of careful planning and an almost flawless execution, it can indeed be done if you are persistent and tenacious enough.

To make it work, make sure to follow the tips above to a T. So, prepare your exit strategy, take care of any loose ends, be quiet and stealthy, and you’ll be good to go. Exercise the same caution when you get back home later on, and your whole mission will go without a hitch. Good luck — and stay sneaky!


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