Why Does My TV Make a Clicking Noise When Off? (4 Potential Reasons)

Does your TV make constant clicking noises when you have it off? These sounds could indicate an issue with your TV. Yet, in order to fix it, you need to know what’s causing the noise.

If a TV makes a clicking noise when off, it may be due to internal parts contracting while cooling, a power supply problem, a faulty capacitor, or other hardware issues. You can troubleshoot by unplugging the TV, but you may need to contact the manufacturer for repairs in some cases.

I made sure to cover everything you’ll need to know about your TV making clicking noises when off in this article. I’ll also go over how to fix the problem, so you won’t have to listen to clicking anymore. Here’s what you should know!

1. The Internal Parts Contract and Click

Modern TVs consist of different metal and plastic parts. If the TV was on for a while, these parts heat up and expand inside of the metal chassis. After turning off the TV, these parts then cool down and shrink.

However, metal and plastic expand and contract at different rates. As the parts cool, you’ll hear clicking and popping noises. These sounds can happen, no matter what the temperature is like where you live.

It’s a very regular occurrence and the most likely reason your TV makes a clicking noise. You won’t have to worry much about this issue; Samsung says it’s completely harmless in their TV units. Overall, these noises don’t mean that anything bad happens to your TV!

Unfortunately, there’s no way to stop the clicking noises if this is the cause. These sounds are normal and mean the parts inside the TV are contracting, which they do naturally.

You can still have a professional look at the TV if the noises are loud and happen frequently. Although, it’s usually not something to worry about.

2. The TV Has a Power Supply Problem

Clicking noises in your TV may be the consequence of a power supply issue. A TV’s power supply works to change the alternating current (AC) to the direct current (DC) the TV uses. The internal components of the power supply might cause a clicking sound when they activate.

Power supplies use relay switches and a capacitor to change the current from AC to DC. As the relay switches activate, they may make a clicking noise. However, you should only be hearing these sounds when the TV is on and working correctly.

Hearing the power supply make noise when the TV is turned off can indicate a problem. You should make sure the TV is off, then unplug it. This issue is also the cause your TV won’t turn on.

You can try to fix the power supply on your own. Although, if the TV doesn’t turn on, you may be better off buying a new one.

  1. Making sure the TV is unplugged. Then, remove the back cover of the TV; you’ll be able to see the circuit boards with the cover off.
  2. Disconnect the cables from the power supply circuit board. If you’re not sure which one that is, you’ll need to check your owner’s manual, as all TVs can be slightly different.
  3. Remove the screws keeping the circuit board in place. Now you can remove the board and follow the steps in reverse order to replace it with the new power supply board. Make sure everything aligns properly.

This short YouTube video covers the process in detail:

3. The TV Capacitor Is Faulty

A faulty TV capacitor is another possible cause of clicking. The capacitor stores electricity before moving it through the rest of the circuit. TVs usually have a few capacitors in them, helping to keep the flow of power consistent.

However, a broken capacitor can slow down the flow of power. The relays may not activate correctly when this happens, leading to a loud sound. The TV may also take a long time to power on – if it turns on at all.

You can replace the capacitor, but you should only do this if you have experience working with electrical circuits. You may need to solder a new one in place. Still, you’re better off sending a TV with a warranty back for repairs.

You can also try leaving the TV unplugged for at least 30 minutes. This can help the electronic parts reset. Also, check to verify that you’ve plugged the TV into a working outlet with consistent electricity flow.

4. There Are Hardware Issues

Popping and clicking noises can indicate various hardware issues. When none of the above clicking issues seem to be causing the problem, you’ll want to send the TV back for repairs. If it still has a warranty, this would be the best course of action for you to take.

For those familiar with TVs and electrical circuits, you can always open the TV and have a look for yourself. However, not everyone will feel comfortable repairing a TV by themselves.

Overall, TVs consist of many complex electronic parts. If you don’t know what’s wrong, it could be any number of hardware issues that make the TV click when it’s off. It would be best if you had a professional take a look at it for you.

Final Thoughts

The internal parts of your TV likely make a clicking noise when they cool down and contract. If that’s the case, the TV is working fine and doesn’t need any repairs. Yet, there are other possible causes of noise you’ll want to fix.

Sometimes, issues with the power supply or the capacitor can cause a TV to make popping or clicking sounds. It’s possible to repair the TV yourself or take it to a professional to fix; although,  for TVs still under warranty, sending it back to the manufacturer is likely the most cost-efficient option.


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