Sound deadening car doors.

The Ultimate Guide to Sound Deadening Car Doors

Doors are the worst parts of your car when it comes to these types of suspicious noises. And they’re notoriously difficult to apply sound deadening to. Not only that, but…

Reviews of best sound deadening sprays for cars. Including application tips. I

Reviews of Sound Deadening Sprays for Cars

If you’ve ever tried to install sound deadening mats in your car, you know exactly how exasperating that is. In previous articles, I tried to explain how you can install…

Car under hood soundproofing. Combine sound deadeners with hood liner to get the highest noise reduction.

Car Under Hood Liner Insulation (DIY Hood Sound Deadening)

When you’ve owned a car for a while, after a certain point, you might get the impression that the engine noise is getting louder. While there might be something wrong with the engine itself, more often than not,…

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