Best Quiet Garbage Disposals in 2022 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Are you moving into a new home or simply looking to upgrade your kitchen? In either case, I bet you are wondering which brands offer the quietest garbage disposals out there.

Garbage disposals can help with kitchen sink jams and clogged drains — or even eliminate them altogether. That prolongs the lifespan of your sink, decreases landfill waste, and cuts down on plastic bag use. It also means that you won’t have to make the trip to the outdoor trash can so often.

I don’t know about you, but with so many competing brands on the market, I sometimes find it hard to choose the right product. That’s especially true when I’m looking for something that is both high in efficiency and low on noise, as I often do. Hence, I’ve compiled reviews of my favorite options and a buyer’s guide below to help you find the best quiet garbage disposal for your household.

The best and quietest garbage disposals for every kitchen.

1. Evolution Compact 3/4 Hp Insinkerator Garbage Disposal

InSinkErator is America’s most popular garbage disposal manufacturer, and for a good reason. The brand introduced the first garbage disposals on the market in 1927 and boasts a long history of high quality and innovation in the industry.

Evolution Compact is one of the best-performing InSinkErator products. This model comes with a powerful 3/4 hp Dura-Drive Induction Motor and patented 2-Stage Multigrind Technology. Together, these ensure that the unit can handle all sorts of stubborn food scraps.

What’s more, this garbage disposal features special noise-reducing SoundSeal Technology to keep unwanted motor noise to a minimum.

As its name suggests, the unit is also highly compact: it is specially designed to fit under sinks with restricted cabinet space. However, even though it is on the smaller side, Evolution Compact is extremely durable. With its stainless steel components and LeakGuard Liner, this garbage disposal was made to last.

Last but not least, Evolution Compact is super easy to install — you don’t need to call in a professional. Thanks to its Quick Lock mount feature, it is compatible with all other InSinkErator garbage disposals. If you are replacing an older InSinkErator model, simply twist that one off and then twist on the Evolution Compact.


  • Space-efficient
  • Stainless steel components
  • LeakGuard Liner
  • 2-Stage Multigrind Technology
  • Noise-reducing SoundSeal Technology
  • 3/4 hp Dura-Drive Induction Motor
  • Quick Lock mount for easy installation

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2. Evolution Excel 1.0 Hp Insinkerator Garbage Disposal

As another high-performing InSinkErator product, Evolution Excel is the brand’s quietest garbage disposal. Thanks to its advanced noise-reducing SoundSeal Technology, it is able to reduce noise by up to 60% compared to standard garbage disposals. That means you will be able to listen to music, watch TV, have a conversation with your loved ones, or simply take a breather in the kitchen without annoying noises coming from your sink.

Much like Evolution Compact, this model has stainless steel components and a LeakGuard Liner that guarantee superb durability. The unit also features InSinkErator’s signature Quick Lock mount, which allows for a quick and easy installation.

However,Evolution Excel outperforms Evolution Compact in terms of sheer motor power. With its 1.0 hp Dura-Drive Induction Motor and 3-Stage Multigrind Technology, this garbage disposal is able to tackle even the toughest of food waste, such as chicken bones or melon rinds.

This model also comes with an auto-reverse grind system and a jam-sensor circuit that increases the motor’s torque by 500%. As a result, even the worst of jams do not stand a chance.


  • The quietest InSinkErator garbage disposal
  • Durable stainless steel components and LeakGuard Liner
  • 3-Stage Multigrind Technology
  • Noise-reducing SoundSeal Technology
  • 1.0 hp Dura-Drive Induction Motor
  • Quick Lock mount for easy installation
  • Auto-reverse grind system
  • Jam-sensor circuit increases motor torque by 500%

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3. Waste King L-8000 1 Hp Garbage Disposal With Power Cord

Waste King’s L-8000 garbage disposal’s best-selling feature is its high-speed permanent magnet motor. With its 1 hp and 2,800 RPM, the engine is able to reach full speed almost instantly. This ensures a powerful grinding action that reduces the likelihood of jams and eliminates kitchen waste in a matter of seconds. What’s more, the motor is sound-isolated for your comfort.

This garbage disposal features a sleek and compact design that frees up storage space under your sink. Furthermore, it is rather easy to install and maintain. The EZ Mount system and the pre-installed power cord allow for a quick and simple fitting with no electrical expertise required. In addition, the removable splash guard makes it easy to clean or pick up dropped items.

The L-8000 is incredibly easy to operate, too: to activate the continuous feed disposal, simply turn on the wall- or sink-mounted air switch. To deactivate the device, just turn the switch off. And in the rare case of a jam or overload, push the manual reset button to safely shut off the disposal.

Last but not least, this unit is septic-system safe, features grind components made from stainless steel, and comes with a 20-year limited warranty.


  • 20-year limited warranty
  • High-speed 1 hp motor with 2,800 RPM
  • EZ Mount system for easy installation
  • Removable splash guard
  • Continuous feed disposal
  • Safe for septic systems
  • Manual reset button

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4. Waste King L-1001 1/2 Hp Garbage Disposal With Power Cord

The L-1001 garbage disposal is Waste King’s budget alternative to L-8000. As it is more compact and lightweight, the L-1001 is perfect for smaller kitchens and cabinets with limited storage space.

Despite its modest size, L-1001 is equipped with a 1/2 hp permanent magnet motor that reaches up to 2,600 RPM. This ensures both a powerful grinding action and a high operating speed.

This garbage disposal is also exceptionally durable due to its corrosion-proof polymer grinding chamber and grind components made from galvanized steel.

Like L-8000, the unit features Waste King’s signature EZ Mount twist-and-lock design anda 32-inch pre-installed power cord for quick and easy installation. It also comes with all the necessary hardware included in the package. The only tools you will need for the installation are a screwdriver, a hammer, adjustable pliers, some plumber’s putty, and a dowel/punch.

The L-1001 has a removable splash guard to help with cleaning and maintenance. You also get Waste King’s standard safety manual reset button and the wall- or sink-mounted air switch to activate the continuous feed disposal.

Finally, keep in mind that this unit is safe to use with septic systems and is also dishwasher-compatible thanks to its 7/8-inch rubber hose.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • High-speed 1/2 hp motor with 2,600 RPM
  • EZ Mount system for easy installation
  • Removable splash guard
  • Corrosion-resistant components
  • Continuous feed disposal
  • Compatible with dishwashers and septic systems
  • Manual reset button

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5. Moen gxp50c Gx Pro Series 1/2 Hp Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

Moen is a leading manufacturer of a wide array of plumbing supplies, including faucets, showerheads, and more — so they certainly know what they are doing when it comes to garbage disposals.

Moen’s GXP50C GX PRO Series garbage disposal is equipped with a high-speed 2,600 RPM vortex motor that uses a permanent magnet to minimize jamming and tackle even the toughest food waste in your kitchen. Borrowing from power tool technology, the motor starts running at full speed the moment it is switched on to bring you an exceptional grinding performance. What’s more, the covered activation guarantees highly effective noise reduction at all times.

Even with its high-tech features, this garbage disposal is simple to install thanks to the pre-installed power cord and Moen’s Universal Xpress Mount. These features ensure that this model fits all other Moen systems as well as most standard three-bolt mounting setups on the market. Simply position the device, twist, lock, and you are ready to go.

The GXP50C GX PRO is compact and lightweight, so it should fit most under-sink kitchen cabinets. That way, it helps save and optimize storage space.

You can also tell that this garbage disposal was built to last. The galvanized steel grind components, polished stainless drain stopper, and three-year limited warranty with in-home service certainly point to this conclusion.


  • High-speed 1/2 hp vortex motor with 2,600 RPM
  • Universal Xpress Mount and power cord for easy installation
  • Removable splash guard
  • Continuous feed disposal
  • Dishwasher- and septic-system safe
  • 3-year limited warranty and in-home service

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6. Moen gx50c Gx Series 1/2 Hp Continuous Feed Compact Garbage Disposal

As an upgraded version of the GXP50C GX PRO, the GX50C GX SERIES has all the stellar features of its predecessor — and more.

With this model too, you get the high-performance 2,600 RPM vortex and 1/2 hp motor technology as well as Moen’s Universal Xpress Mount for easy installation.

The unit also comes with the standard pre-installed power cord, removable splash guard, and polished stainless drain stopper.

That said, there are two key aspects in which this garbage disposal improves on the performance of the earlier Moen models.

First and foremost, we have Moen’s signature SoundSHIELD technology, which is specially designed to muffle motor sounds. The result is unparalleled noise reduction.

Second, the GX50C GX SERIES garbage disposal features grind components made from stainless steel, which is stronger and more durable than galvanized steel. As a result, this product comes with a four-year limited warranty and in-home service.


  • High-speed 1/2 hp vortex motor with 2,600 RPM
  • Noise-reducing SoundSHIELD technology
  • Universal Xpress Mount and power cord for easy installation
  • Removable splash guard
  • Continuous feed disposal
  • Dishwasher and septic-system safe
  • 4-year limited warranty and in-home service

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7. Waste Maid 10-Us-Wm-058-3b 1/2 Hp Economy Garbage Disposal

Admittedly, Waste Maid’s 10-US-WM-058-3B garbage disposal is quite a mouthful. However, what this product lacks in the name department, it more than makes up for in terms of functionality.

Starting with the Torque Master grinding system, this garbage disposal comes with a 1/2 hp permanent magnet motor with 2,600 RPM. The powerful grinding action is further enhanced by the stainless steel balanced impellers that are specially designed to minimize jamming as well as vibration. Why is that? Well, the less your device vibrates, the quieter, more stable, and longer-lasting it is.

The Torque Master grinding system also includes a corrosion-proof turntable that ensures superb durability and high performance.

Next, we have the Bio Shield Antimicrobial Odor Protection. The device’s components feature a permanent antimicrobial agent that inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria and other microorganisms. That also eliminates bacteria-caused odors and helps keep your kitchen smelling fresh.

This unit also supports continuous feed disposal, which allows you to keep adding food waste into the disposal even when it is in operation. That way, you don’t have to turn off the device first or wait for it to finish one bulk of waste to load the next.

Finally, Waste Maid’s 10-US-WM-058-3B is simple to install and look after. This is due to its standard three-bolt mounting system, pre-installed power cord, and removable splash guard for easy cleaning.


  • Signature Torque Master grinding system
  • Permanent magnet 1/2 hp motor with 2,600 RPM
  • Stainless steel balanced impellers
  • Corrosion-proof turntable
  • Bio Shield Antimicrobial Odor Protection
  • Removable splash guard
  • Continuous feed disposal

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8. Becbas Element 5 3/4hp 2600 RPM Garbage Disposal

With its 3/4 hp and 2,600 RPM, the Becbas Element 5 garbage disposal brings you a better-than-average grinding performance. The high-speed permanent magnet DC motor outperforms most conventional induction motors thanks to its higher-starting torque and its ability to reach full speed the moment you switch it on. The result is higher speed, better grinding, and fewer jams.

This unit also features components made of premium-quality materials. For this model’s grinding chamber, Becbas eschews plastic and corrosion-prone metals that often result in water leaks and reduced grinding power. Instead, the chamber is made of fiberglass-reinforced nylon, which ensures increased durability and enhanced performance.

What’s more, the grinding plate and laser-sharp cutting ring are made from corrosion-proof stainless steel, while the drain housing features Bulk Molding Compound (BMC). This material is known for its exceptional oil corrosion resistance.

The pre-installed power cord and EZ Mount system ensure quick and easy installation. Furthermore, the foam insulation and specially developed soundproof splash guard help achieve significant noise reduction.

The package contains all the hardware and accessories necessary to set up the device. These include a stainless steel stopper, a removable splash guard, a multifunctional scraper, and an elbow. The only extra tools you need are a screwdriver, a hammer, a pair of adjustable pliers, some plumber’s putty or silicone sealant, and a dowel or steel punch.


  • 3/4 hp and 2,600 RPM
  • High-speed permanent magnet DC motor
  • Continuous feed
  • Manual reset button
  • Fiberglass-reinforced nylon grinding chamber
  • Stainless steel grinding plate and cutting ring
  • Drain housing made with Bulk Molding Compound (BMC)
  • Pre-installed power cord and EZ Mount system
  • Foam insulation and soundproof splash guard

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9. Kuppet 1.0 Hp 3600 RPM Food Waste Garbage Disposal

If you are looking for extra-powerful grinding action that can handle higher volumes of waste, then you might want to look into this Kuppet food waste garbage disposal. This large-capacity device comes with an advanced high-speed DC motor with 1.0 hpand3,600 RPM.

With this product, you also get to choose from four different grinding levels. The highest level reaches a speed of up to 3,600 RPM and effectively grinds food scraps into pieces smaller than 2 mm.

Best of all, the Kuppet design is among the quietest on the market. The sound levels never go higher than 50 decibels.

With its extra-hard materials and anti-corrosive ABS housing, this garbage disposal is also highly durable and long-lasting. Furthermore, the product is easy to set up using the pre-installed power cord.


  • Suitable for large volumes of waste
  • High-speed DC motor with 1.0 hpand3,600 RPM
  • Continuous feed
  • Four grinding levels to choose from
  • Reduces food scraps to pieces smaller than 2 mm
  • Extremely quiet (<50 decibels)
  • Anti-corrosive ABS housing
  • Septic-system safe

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10. Goplus 1.0hp 2600 RPM Garbage Disposal With Power Cord

The last product on my list — this Goplus garbage disposal — certainly has a lot going for it. It comes with a powerful high-speed 1.0 hp motor with 2,600 RPM and a one-liter capacity grinding chamber. Even if you regularly cook seven-course meals in your household, this little fellow should be able to easily handle all your food waste.

In addition to being highly effective, this product is exceptionally quiet. Its ultra-low mute system ensures that the sound levels are always below 50 decibels.

The Goplus garbage disposal is super easy to install too. The innovative knob-mounting system and improved fast connector make some conventional installation steps redundant, saving you both time and energy.

Finally, the device features a bladeless design and overload protection to eliminate the risk of leakage, electric shock, or overheating. It’s also made from high-quality ABS and stainless steel.


  • High-speed 1.0 hp motor with 2,600 RPM
  • 1L capacity grinding room
  • Ultra-quiet (<50 decibels)
  • Knob-mounting system and fast connector for easy installation
  • Bladeless design
  • Overload protection
  • Stainless steel materials
  • Dishwasher-compatible

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What to Look for When Buying a Quiet Garbage Disposal

Before buying a garbage disposal, you need to know what features to look for. It is all too easy to splurge what could be a lot of money, only to get a device that does not fit your kitchen cabinet or is too small to handle your household waste. Even worse, you may even end up with a unit that is prone to leakages and overheating, which is a real health-and-safety risk.

So, with this in mind, here are some key features to consider when getting a new garbage disposal system:

The Motor Size

Motor size is measured in horsepower or hp. The higher that number, the more powerful the device.

Standard motor sizes range from 1/3 to 1 hp. 1/2 hp is usually more than enough for the food waste generated by most households. However, getting a 3/4 or 1 hp garbage disposal might still be worth it, as it could further reduce the likelihood of jams and ensure that the system runs more smoothly.

If you have a large family or tend to toss larger food scraps into your disposal, then you should definitely consider a bigger motor. As a rule of thumb, the smaller the motor is, the smaller and softer the food pieces should be.

The Grinding Chamber

When it comes to the grinding chamber, there are two features to consider: the size and the material.

Typically, garbage disposals with more powerful motors have larger grinding chambers. The reason for this is quite simple: larger chambers require higher grinding power and torque action.

What size chamber you need will depend on how much and how often you cook or eat at home. You should also take into account the size of your household: a family of four is likely to generate a lot more waste than a single person.

The next thing to consider is the material the grinding chamber and its components are made of. The grinding systems of the best-performing garbage disposals are typically made of stainless steel. This material is stronger and more durable than both plastic and galvanized steel, which ensures enhanced performance and a longer lifespan. Stainless steel is also easier to clean and less prone to physical damage and bacterial growth.

The Feed Type

There are two basic types of garbage disposals: those that support continuous feed and those that operate via batch feed.

To activate a batch feed unit, you need to insert the food waste first and then place a stopper lid into the mouth of the disposal. This is a safety feature that makes it impossible to switch on the device while your hand is inside. However, it also makes the device somewhat difficult to operate.

Continuous feed systems, on the other hand, are open-mouth units that are turned on and off using a wall switch. They are much easier to operate. What’s more, most garbage disposals on the market feature continuous feed systems. That means that you have a lot more choice between different products, and they also tend to be more affordable than batch feed units.

Still, if you tend to drop silverware or non-food items into your disposal unit, it might be safer to stick to a batch system.

Auto-Reverse Feature

It is a good idea to look for a garbage disposal unit with an auto-reverse feature. That means that the motor is able to reverse its rotation automatically in case something goes wrong or more stubborn food chunks get stuck in the grinding chamber.

The auto-reverse feature ensures that the grinding system is able to effectively tackle larger or tougher food scraps. It also helps prevent overload and overheating that can cut the life of your device short.

The Noise Level

Other noise-producing products, such as bathroom fans, for example, have an industry-standard sound rating system. That helps consumers get a better grasp of all the options on the market and, ultimately, choose the one that best suits their preferences.

Unfortunately, that is not the case with garbage disposal systems. Right now, there is no universal system to rate the sound levels of different brands and products.

However, that does not mean that you cannot try and succeed in finding a quiet garbage disposal unit. You would simply need to do some extra research.

The first thing to consider is whether the manufacturer has specifically indicated the noise level of the product. Sound levels are measured in decibels.

If you cannot seem to find the decibel level in the product description, there are a few rules of thumb that could be of help. In general, larger and higher-quality devices tend to be quieter than smaller and cheaper units. You should also look for garbage disposals that have sound baffles or extra insulation around the grinding chamber.

Extra Features

Finally, you should consider any extra features that you need or might like to have.

If your home has a septic system or a dishwasher, then you want a compatible garbage disposal.

Features such as anti-splash baffles help keep your sink nice and tidy, while removable splash guards make it easier to clean or retrieve dropped non-food items.

Finally, if you or a member of your household has allergies or a compromised immune system, you might want to look into garbage disposal units with antibacterial or antimicrobial properties.

If you want more info on how to choose and maintain your garbage disposal, check out this video.

Final Thoughts on Quiet Garbage Disposals

A high-quality, low-noise garbage disposal system is a lifesaver if you want to keep your kitchen neat and clean. It also reduces landfill waste in your local area, spares you some of those annoying trips to the garbage can, and can help eliminate unpleasant odors around the kitchen sink. All without disturbing you and everyone else in your home.

As with any other domestic appliance, you should compare many different brands and models before committing to a purchase. You also need to know what features to look for and which ones to avoid. These include:

  • The noise levels
  • The motor size
  • The capacity of the grinding chamber
  • Any extra features, including auto-reverse
  • The feed type

More importantly, you should take into account the size of your household, how much time you spend at home, and how often you cook.

And if you get the right product for your needs, it will save you precious time. Instead of cleaning the kitchen sink and taking out the garbage, you could spend your evenings with your loved ones or doing something you are passionate about!


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