5 Proven Ideas for Getting Revenge on Noisy Hotel Guests

Picture it — you’ve just gotten back to your hotel room after a long day of sightseeing on your vacation. You’re ready to crash and have the best sleep of your life, until your next-door neighbors start causing ruckus and making enough noise to wake the dead.

Most people will get the hotel staff involved right away. However, more creative — and pettier — individuals will hack the revenge plot for ages. If you belong to the latter group, read on. Here’s how to get back at your noisy hotel room neighbors.

1. Make Excess Noise Yourself

Think about it: the most logical way to get revenge on a noisy neighbor is to give them a taste of their own medicine. After all, what will get under their skin more than something that is equally annoying as their own habits?

However, you have to be strategic about it, as you want to avoid getting in trouble for it with the hotel staff or your other neighbors. Fortunately, there is a pretty easy way to go about it. Namely, you simply have to make sure the noise you make is contained so that it affects only the problematic neighbor.

For instance, you can repeatedly hit the wall you share — or the ceiling or floor — with a blunt object. Anything from a shoe to a tennis ball will work, so it’s really up to you, your creativity, and what you have at hand. If your target is directly below you, you can also jump all over your floor, run in place, walk back and forth, stomp your feet, and so on.

Hopefully, after a few minutes of your noisiness, they’ll get the hint. At that point, most sensible people will try to be quieter, and you’ll be able to enjoy your peace and quiet again.

But if nothing really changes, you can move on to some of the tricks below.

2. Make Some Good Old Prank Calls

Generally speaking, all hotel rooms come with designated phone lines. They are quite convenient, as they allow guests to communicate with the reception and even get calls from friends or family, if necessary.

If you ask me, though, an underrated way of using these phones is pranks, and that’s exactly what you can do to your neighbor. The phone numbers usually correspond to room numbers, so you can easily figure out your neighbor’s by comparing it to your own.

The key is to either hide your own number or call from a prepaid cell. That way, your neighbor will never know it was you, and the hotel staff will have a challenging time tracing you if it comes to that.

The sky is the limit as far as what the calls should look like. In other words, you can play eerie music, scream into the phone, blast music, or play a prank audio from YouTube or any other similar app.

To make these calls even more annoying, you will need to time them just right. So, instead of calling when your neighbor is making noise, call when you can safely assume they are sleeping or resting. It will be much more effective, and you’ll surely make them regret all the ruckus they caused earlier.

3. Leave Scary or Threatening Notes

Another neat idea for getting revenge on noisy hotel room neighbors is to slip some creative notes under their door. As simple and childish as it may seem, it might be just what you need to get under their skin.

The concept of this trick is simple. All you have to do is come up with something eerie or threatening enough that will scare the neighbors. You can write it in a joking manner as well, as long as it’s menacing enough to still make them uneasy.

Besides writing on a piece of paper, you can also take the creepy route and cut out letters from a newspaper or magazine. Taping them onto paper will take more time, but it will definitely make your neighbors do a double-take.

The biggest advantage of these notes is that they’re fully anonymous. So, the recipient will not be able to tell it’s from you. After all, anyone in their close vicinity might’ve written it, so how are they to know?

Aside from scaring them, you could also try to be nice. The random note is already enough to make them sweat, so you can easily write a polite but cheeky message asking them to keep it down (or else…). That is to say, this tip doesn’t necessarily have to involve something nefarious. Do what feels right in the moment, and hope for the best.

4. Give Them a Rude Wake-up Call

If your neighbors’ loud antics are keeping you up or waking you at ungodly hours, you should return the favor. Naturally, doing so will require being up on your own at said times anyway, but, this time, you’ll be the one having all the fun.

The beauty of this trick lies in its versatility. Namely, you can do pretty much anything you want to wake your neighbor up. As long as it’ll rile them up and ensure they know exactly how you feel, it’s fair game.

For example, my go-to would be playing several alarm clocks (or alarm clock sounds) at the same time. However, you can also play music, turn on the TV at maximum volume, or anything else you can think of.

What you do have to think about, though, are your other neighbors. After all, noise that will reach your target will also be equally audible to everyone else who booked a room in the close vicinity of your own.

So, to ensure no one gets too upset, you have two options. The first is to chat with those neighbors and give them a heads up in time. If they feel the same, they might even join in and make noise at the same time.

The second option is to make sure everything is over quickly. Play a loud noise for a minute or so, and be done with it right after. By making it short and sweet, you’ll likely avoid people getting angry with you.

5. If All Else Fails — Complain to the Staff

While it might seem better to handle noisy neighbors on your own, sometimes it is smarter to involve a third party. In the case of hotels, that is the hotel staff and management.

Now, you might be thinking that doing so isn’t really getting revenge. However, nothing will give you more satisfaction than seeing those neighbors reprimanded or even fined for their behavior.

To ensure that happens, it is wise to record the noise and mayhem that you hear in your room. The more evidence you have, the stronger your case will be, meaning that the staff will be more likely to react.

When approaching the front desk staff about any issues, always be polite and non-aggressive. Remember that the noise isn’t their fault, and that they are there to help you as much as they can.

In case the actions taken by the front desk staff don’t work, it is a good idea to talk to the manager. This step is more serious, so make sure you can describe or provide evidence about the noise. Again, be nice and help the management throughout the process.

Generally, taking these steps should be enough to get the neighbors to relent. Ultimately, they want to stay at the hotel without any issues, so they’ll have to find a compromise.

What Can the Staff Really Do?

While management has a lot more sway over guests than those working the front desk, they still aren’t all-powerful. In other words, they may speak to the problematic guest, and the loudness might still continue despite their efforts.

In such cases, most hotel managers will try to mitigate the situation with as little damage as possible. For example, you might be offered a new room, far away from all the commotion. It’s a fair bargain, as you’ll get away from the noise, and no one will suffer.

However, sometimes, the management might take more extreme measures. For instance, if the noise is persistent and more than one guest complains, they might ask the person to leave or fine them (often financially).

These steps are more likely to happen in hotels that have strict noise policies or impose certain quiet hours. Either way, the key to getting a guest punished in this way is definitely strength in numbers.

So, take some time to speak to all the other hotel guests who are also affected by the noise. If you all band together, putting an end to the unnecessary drama will be a lot easier. Just as importantly, you’ll be able to work on a solution that will truly suit everyone.

Final Thoughts

Hotel rooms are usually reserved for relaxation and getting a good night’s sleep, whether you are on vacation or a work trip. However, such plans can easily go out of the window if the people in the room near yours are making excess noise at the most inconvenient of times.

Luckily, there are numerous tricks that can help you get sweet revenge. From making noise right back to slipping scary notes under their door, you can get them to stop in various ways. If all else fails, you can always involve hotel management and take everything to a different level.

Good luck, and enjoy your peace and quiet!


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