Best Silent Dog Tags: Keep Your Dog Safe and Quiet!

A few years ago, I wrote about how humans don’t really pay attention to the noise levels we expose our furry friends to, which is why we must soundproof their crates and kennels. However, today, I’d like to take a different approach and talk about how our dogs can also make excessive noise and what we can do to dampen or reduce it. That’s precisely why I started looking into the best silent dog tags on the market.

Here’s the thing — I adore my dogs. I love to hear them roaming around my house because that makes me feel like I have a huge family. Plus, because my furry buddies are mischievous and sometimes naughty, I like to keep an eye (and ear) on them, so I know they aren’t up to no good.

But, you know me, I’m a stickler for silence. Hearing my dogs move around is comforting. However, hearing their dog tags cling and clang all over the house is anything but. That’s especially true because the tags seem to know when I’m napping and produce what’s undoubtedly the highest level of noise known to man.

So, because my dogs are prone to mischief and likely to sneak out on an adventure every time I leave the door open, I can’t exactly leave them without any tags. That’s precisely why I had to look into silent dog tags.

The best silent dog tags that won’t make noise while your dog is running around.

What Are Dog Tags and Why Do We Even Need Them?

First of all, you never know when your dog might get lost. Even if you have the most docile god in the world, chances are, it will try to wander away from you. Now, I’m not saying dogs do this on purpose. Still, many of them go where their noses take them, which is more often than not to a remote area away from us.

That’s precisely why we need dog tags. When your dog has your info around its neck, a Good Samaritan who finds it will be able to return it to you and stop the freak out you’re probably having at that point while you’re frantically looking for your best friend in the streets.

Now, some of you might be wondering, “Aren’t microchips a better solution?” The answer is both yes and no. Sure, chipping your dog is beneficial because the dog can’t lose a chip. That’s the entire point. However, if your dog only has a microchip and not an ID collar, then the person who finds it will have to take it to the nearest vet to get the chip scanned and get your info.

Contrary to popular belief, microchips don’t have tiny GPS trackers in them, and you can’t track your dog that way. So, ID dog tags are your best bet.

Different Types of Dog Tags and How Silent They Are

So, now that we know that our dogs absolutely have to have ID dog tags let’s see which ones are the best choice.

Hanging ID Dog Tags

Hanging dog tags are the most common ones. Coincidentally, they are also the ones that make the most noise. Most dog owners go for these tags because they are easy to attach. What’s more, they fit on any type of collar, so you can’t go wrong.

Because they hang from the dog’s collar, they jingle when they hit said collar or, if there’s more than one tag, when they hit each other. The noise levels are exceptionally high if the dog has a steel or aluminum collar and tags or plastic tags.

Now, there are silicone hanging ID dog tags out there. These don’t make any noise (unlike their metal and plastic counterparts). However, I’m not a big fan of hanging dog tags. They aren’t the best choice for my dogs because they can get tangled into bushes, fences, and my clothes, and, consequently, get ripped off. My dogs are quite energetic, so I tend to go for other types of tags.

However, as you’ll see in a bit, I did include a couple of hanging dog tags on my list of best silent dog stags for variety.

Slide-On ID Dog Tags

Unlike their hanging counterparts, these tags slide onto the collar, which ensures minimal noise. What’s more, they also can’t get caught in anything, which makes them a better choice (at least for my two furry rascals).

But, there are, of course, a few downsides to slide-on ID tags. Firstly, you have to buy a special collar for them as they don’t fit every kind. Furthermore, because one side of the tag lays flat on the collar, you can’t exactly use it for personalization or contact info. That means you’ll have to sacrifice one or the other.

Slide-on tags are usually plastic. That means that they aren’t as sturdy as the metal ones, and they can snap more easily. What’s more, the hoops of the tags, which you’re supposed to use to slide the collar through, can widen with time. That may cause additional noise.

Rivet-On ID Dog Tags

Some people (myself included) think that rivet-on dog tags are the best choice of silent dog tags. They will securely stay on the dog’s collar no matter how active it is.

These tags are usually metal, which makes them sturdy and durable. What’s more, thanks to the rivets, there’s little chance of the tag falling off or getting damaged.

So, my two furry hoodlums that love nothing more than to find the smallest hole and try to sneak their way through it will at least get to the other side with my information still on their necks.

Of course, like the slide-on tags, rivet-on tags don’t leave much room for info. One side is completely unusable, so you’ll have to make do with only one side of the tag. That doesn’t allow for a lot of versatility or creative expression, but at least you’ll know that the tags will stay on no matter what.

Top 4 Silent Dog Tags You Can Buy

As promised, here is a selection of the best silent dog tags of all types. I made sure to include all tags that are popular either due to their durability or design. Of course, all of them earned a spot on my list due to their silent feature. Let’s dig in!

1. Silidog Silent Hanging Dog Tags

These silent dog tags seemingly have it all. SiliDog is a product of a young man who appeared on the world-famous show Shark Tank to pitch his idea and get the necessary funding to start his company. Now, I’m not saying that this should give the tags more credibility, but creating silent hanging tags really was a great idea.

As I already mentioned, hanging tags have more room for information. You can also personalize them and make them as silly as you like. What’s more, you can also put contact information of another person on the tag. Some people share custody of their dogs or know they aren’t available at all times, so they put a sort of doggy emergency contact onto a tag.

SiliDog tags are silicone, which is why they can hang from your dog’s collar without making any noise. However, silicone isn’t the only advantage these tags have. They are also of the glow-in-the-dark variety, which really gives them a leg up on the competition.

Of course, the mere fact that they are hanging tags means that these might not be the best choice for active dogs. Hanging tags can snap off or fall off quite easily.


  • Durable
  • Can be engraved on both sides
  • Come in various color, shapes, and designs
  • The engraving doesn’t fade
  • Come in two sizes — 1.5×1.25 inches and 1.25×1.25 inches

2. Luckypet Silent Rivet-On Pet ID Tags

LuckyPet rivet-on tags are among my personal favorites. They are stainless steel tags, which is the definition of sturdy. Your dogs won’t be able to scrape, damage, or chew them off. What’s more, it’s unlikely they will fall off and get lost.

LuckyPet also makes rivet-on tags out of brass, and you can even pick between two finishes (matte or mirror). Now, aside from looking sleek and elegant, these tags are great because they are slightly curved. That means they will lay nicely on the dog’s collar. They won’t bother, pinch, or snag the dog’s hair.

As I already mentioned, you can only use one side of rivet-on and slide-on dog tags. However, LuckyPet rivet-on tags allow for up to five rows of text. That means you can engrave all your info and maybe even a cute message or two.

LuckyPet Rivet-On Pet ID Tag - Personalized, Silent and Customized Pet...
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Now, some users complain about rivets falling out. I never personally had issues like this. However, I can see how the rivets might fall out if you don’t screw them in correctly. Still, given that these tags come with a lifetime guarantee, I’m sure that even if this issue does arise, it’s easily solvable.


  • Durable and sturdy material
  • Elegant curved design
  • Available in three sizes (⅜, ⅝, and ¾ of an inch)

3. Leash Boss Silent Slide-On Pet ID Tag

One of the best slide-on tags out there, Leash Boss pet ID tag is an excellent choice for active dogs. Unlike many other slide-on tags, these tags don’t have any plastic parts. They are entirely made out of stainless steel, which means they are hard to break, dent, or damage in any other way.

Much like my previous list entry, Leash Boss made sure the tag fits comfortably. That’s why it has a slight curve to it. What’s more, they also made the tag wide enough for five lines of text.

Leashboss Pet ID Tags for Dog and Cat Collars - Personalized and...
  • Thick, durable, and curved to fit - At .06"...
  • Deep engraving won't wear down - Unlike laser...
  • 5 lines of text & fits adjustable collars -...
  • Won't fall off - This tag stays in place on...

These tags fit on any standard nylon webbing collar. So, if you have any other type of collar, you might want to either keep looking for the perfect tag or get another collar.


  • Deep, easy to read engraving
  • Extremely quiet when fitted to a nylon collar
  • Available in five different sizes (1-inch, ¾, ⅝, ½, ⅜ of an inch)

4. Qalo Custom Silicone Hanging Dog ID Tags

Another silicone hanging dog tag, QALO custom silicone tags allow for double-sided printing. They also have five design options. However, you can personalize each of those five options, so the tag ends up being a perfect fit for you and your dog.

What’s more, you can print up to twelve characters on the front of the tag and up to sixteen on the back. That’s plenty of room, even if you’re sharing custody of your pup!

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QALO dog tags stand out due to their unusual design. At first glance, they look like old-time license plates. Aside from their appearance, they are also slightly larger and thicker than standard tags. That is an excellent feature for those who have large breeds. There’s nothing funnier than a massive dog with a tiny tag that will inevitably get lost in its fur.


  • Has room for six lines of text
  • A steadily growing list of designs
  • The company offers a “no questions asked” guarantee

Tips for Making Your Dog’s Tag as Quiet as Possible

None of these tags are striking your fancy? Perhaps you already have the perfect dog tag that only has one downside (making noise)? Well, don’t worry. There are a few things you can do to make your dog’s tag less noisy.

DIY Solutions

If you have regular hanging dog tags, try using a rubber band or some tape to silence the tags. Just slide the rubber band or tape through the hoops and wrap it securely around the tags. Make sure there’s no wiggle room and no metal-on-metal touching.

Pouches and Silencers

Alternatively, you can buy tag pouches or a tag silencer. Both products work like a charm because they prevent the clinging of metal on metal. I’d recommend the silencers rather than the pouches because you can get a clear silencer. This is especially important for those dog owners who have adventurous dogs that often get lost.

Quiet Spot Pet Tag Silencer (Black)
  • Completely eliminate annoying tag noise with...
  • Holds up to 4 tags and keeps the information...
  • Patented design features 3M Scotchlite...
  • Comes in fashionable colors and is designed...

With a clear silencer, your contact info will still be visible. That might not seem like an essential factor. However, consider that your lost dog might be scared because you’re not there. That, in turn, might make those Good Samaritans reluctant to approach it and dig into a pouch around its neck.

With a clear silencer, the contact info is visible even from a distance, which might increase your chances of people contacting you once they find your dog.

SilenTags Pet Tag Silencer Clip It On, Jingle's Gone! -Clear
  • Clips 2-5 standard thickness tags
  • Read tags without removing
  • Made of durable composite plastic
  • Easy to put on, and stays on! (watch the...


The last option when it comes to silent dog tags is an embroidered collar. Given that the collar is bigger and broader than a tag, there’s plenty of room for all your information. What’s more, you can even personalize it with, “Got lost chasing bitches!” or any other fun and punny inscription. However, most importantly, unlike metal or plastic tags, the collar will be nylon. That means there simply won’t be anything there to make any noise.

In Conclusion

The only thing worse than hearing the jingle-jangle of dog tags is suddenly not hearing it. That’s why it’s vital that you get not only silent dog tags but also ones that are sturdy and won’t fall off unexpectedly. Overall, I think my list of best silent dog tags will help you in your search for some peace and quiet. If nothing else, at least you’ll have a sense of what to look for or do to silence your dog’s tags.


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