White Noise Machine for Dogs: Does It Really Help?

If you live in a noisy environment and your dog gets easily annoyed by the sounds from the outside, the thought of buying a white noise machine probably came to your mind.

But, should you really use a white noise machine for your furry friend? Does it really help with barking and anxiety? Well, let’s find that out in this article.

What Is a White Noise Machine?

A white noise machine is a device that’s designed to help people sleep better. It works by producing various “white noise” sounds that can relax you and make you calmer. In addition, the machine has the ability to mask outside noise such as traffic, snoring, loud music, and so on.

White noise machines have been effectively helping people that struggle with insomnia for decades. One of the reasons for that is the fact that every person can choose to listen to a specific sound that they find calming. For example, the sound that the device produces can be as simple as television static. Furthermore, people can listen to nature sounds like the sound of the ocean, rain, running water, wind blowing, and even calming music.

But, how can more sounds mask noises? Well, the white noise machine helps with blending all the noises that you hear together. That way, your brain doesn’t pay as much attention to every particular sound out there. As a result, you’re focused on one relaxing sound, and you’re able to fall asleep.

Do White Noise Machines Work for Dogs?

If your pet has trouble sleeping and gets annoyed by a lot of outside sounds, it’s not wrong to consider using a white noise machine to help it. But, is the device really going to work on your dog? Well, the answer is not that simple.

It has been proven that dogs can hear much better than humans. So, you can be certain that your buddy will be able to listen to the noise that the white noise machine produces. However, the problem is not as much about the pooch being able to listen to the device as it is about the dog reacting to it and being more relaxed because of the sound.

The thing is, every pooch is different. Some dogs react to music, and even make sounds mimicking the sound that they hear. On the other hand, there are pets that won’t notice the TV or any other noise that isn’t their owner’s voice. Thus, there is not a universal sound that pups react to.

Well, except barking, of course. But, you really want to avoid that sound, right? So, the best thing you can do is try the white noise machine with your dog and see how it reacts.

As I stated before, there isn’t much research done to prove the effects of the white noise device on pets. However, outside noises such as barking, rain, and neighbors’ voices can really affect our dogs. Therefore, there are many reasons to believe that white noise can calm our pets just like it can relax us.

How White Noise Can Help Your Dog

I’ve made a list of a couple of important things that a white noise machine can do for both us and our dogs:

A Dog Can Be Less Afraid and Anxious

The best-case scenario is that your dog reacts well to the white noise machine and that it helps your buddy relax. As a result, your pet won’t be disturbed by things that used to startle it, and the dog will probably bark less.

This situation is not only great for your sleep, but also for your dog. If your pet is easily frightened, the anxiety can lead to many health issues, especially when it comes to the heart. Thus, as the owner, you want to do everything in your power to make your friend feel safe. So, a white noise machine is definitely worth trying.

A Dog Can Hear Less Disturbing Sounds

Our pets’ hearing sense is still active when they are asleep, just like ours. That is why it is common for dogs to suddenly start barking in the middle of the night because they heard a sound that startled them.

However, if your dog is too focused on the noise that comes from the white noise machine, there’s a huge chance that it won’t notice the outside sounds such as barking and construction. What’s more, the machine can even mask the sound of a thunderstorm, which would help you protect your pet from being afraid of it. So, even in case your pup doesn’t react to the device, the machine can mask any other sound making it hard for your furry friend to even hear it.

In Case It Doesn’t Help the Pet, It Can Help the Owner

Some pets don’t really like to sleep during the night. They will use the free space to play and make a lot of noise. What’s more, some dogs, such as bulldogs, can snore very loudly, making it hard for their owners to have an undisturbed sleep.

If the white noise machine failed to help soothe your dog, it could really help you in these situations. The device can not only mask the noises from the outside but also help with the sound from your bedroom. So, you can try out the white noise machine for yourself. In case it helps, you will be well-rested and, therefore, a better caregiver to your buddy — a win-win situation!

Best White Noise Machines for Dogs: Top Picks

If you are ready to invest in a good white noise machine to help your pet, I have a couple of devices that you should definitely check out.

1. AST LectroFan Classic White Noise Machine

If you are looking for a high-quality device, you can’t go wrong with LectroFan Classic White Noise Machine. It has a sleek design that won’t stand out or mess up the appearance of your room.

Besides its great design, the packaging is also compact and portable. So, you’ll quickly move it from room to room, depending on where your pet sleeps that night.

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Furthermore, this white noise machine has a precise volume control. Thus, you’ll easily be able to adjust the level of noise that it produces to fit your current environment.

The device also comes with ten different fan sounds as well as ten ambient noise variations. These sounds produce not only white noises but also pink and brown ones. So, if your pooch reacts better to pink and brown noise, this machine will be a perfect choice for you.

LectroFan White Noise Machine is entirely electronic. It doesn’t have a motor or any other moving parts. This device, which also has a large, high-fidelity speaker, is powered by USB or AC, and it’s so easy to use. Read this article for more information.

2. Marpac Dohm White Noise Machine

Marpac has been helping customers relax and fall asleep since 1962, so you know that the company is doing something right. So, its Dohm White Noise Machine is definitely worth trying out with your pet. If you want to learn more about this company’s offer of sound machines, I have an article about it that you can check out:

Marpac White Noise Machines

– Hushh, Rohm, Whish, Dohm –

This device is perfect for every dog that relaxes listening to the sound of a fan. This white noise machine mimics the sound of rushing air. It also cancels out other noises that may disturb your furry friend.

This white noise machine is easy to use. You should plug it in, flip the switch, and choose the volume that you want. There are two levels to choose from: high and low, depending on the environment that you live in. The device also gives you the option to choose the tone of the white noise. So, you can check if your pooch finds high-pitched or low-pitched tones more soothing.

Furthermore, this machine is portable and small enough to fit everywhere. Therefore, you can carry it in your bag whenever you travel, so your dog can be as relaxed on the go as it is at home.

3. Big Red Rooster White Noise Machine

Big Red Rooster White Noise Sound Machine is a great choice for those that are always on the go or travel a lot with their pets. That’s because the device can be charged using both the AC adaptor and batteries. So, you’ll just need to bring three batteries with you, and you’ll be able to charge the device wherever you go.

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The Big Red Rooster machine has plenty of noise options to choose from. The device can mimic the sounds of ocean, thunder, rain, brook, and summer night. In addition, you don’t have to worry if your dog responds best to simple white noise because, besides five options that I mentioned, the device offers this one as well.

What’s more, Big Red Rooster White Noise Sound Machine is small and easy to transport from room to room. It’s also easy to use and comes with clear instructions. Another useful feature of this machine is the automatic shut-off option. Therefore, you’ll be able to save energy by setting the timer for 15, 30, or 60 minutes.

4. HoMedics White Noise Sound Machine

HoMedics White Noise Machine is another great choice for your pooch. I’m certain that you’ll love both the design of this device and its features.

The device comes with six soothing sounds. Your best friend will be able to enjoy sounds of white noise, thunder, ocean, summer night, rain, and brook. I recommend you to try out the ocean sound for yourself after a stressful day because it will certainly help you relax and clear your head.

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What’s more, the device is portable, it uses four AA batteries or an AC adapter. So, you’ll transport it through the house and recharge it easily.

Your dog might be startled by the loud sounds. Therefore, it’s useful that a noise machine has an adjustable volume feature. Luckily, this one has it. In addition, HoMedics White Noise Machine has an automatic shut-off feature that will help you save energy during the night. You can set the timer for 15, 30, or 60 minutes.

For more devices, see: Best White Noise Machines For Office Spaces

How to Check if Your Dog Reacts to White Noise

There are ways to check whether your dog is reacting to the white noise machine or it doesn’t notice the device at all. For example, a pet can become more alert. It will put its ears up and maybe even wiggle them around in an attempt to analyze the sound.

Whenever it sees something unfamiliar, my dog shakes his head slowly as a sign of confusion. Then, he will carefully approach the object and smell it from a distance. Thus, you can also look for that kind of reaction from your pet.

So, great signs that your pooch is interested in the sound are when it tries to listen to it more closely or sniff the device it’s coming from. That’s because dogs’ sense of sight isn’t as strong as their other senses. Therefore, you can expect them to first try to recognize the sound by putting their ears up and then try to smell it from afar.

On the other hand, a dog can also be annoyed by the sound. Signs that your pet might be uncomfortable are barking, howling, and growling at the device. These will be a clear indication that the white noise machine isn’t the best option for calming your best friend.

Another thing that you can expect is that your pet shows interest in the sound, but then loses it and moves on to something else. My dog becomes obsessed with the sound of my voice over the phone and then goes away after he sniffs the device every time.

So, even if your furry buddy reacts to the machine, don’t get your hopes up. You should wait to check whether the dog will continue listening to the sound after it analyzes it or go away and start ignoring it.


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