Best Silent Wall Clocks (10+ Wall Clocks That Won’t Drive You Cuckoo)

Trying to sleep next to a wall clock can feel like you’re hanging out next to a ticking time bomb. In reality, I haven’t had to deal with that problem in quite some time since I don’t keep a clock in the bedroom. However, I recently realized that a wall clock would actually be just the thing to pull the room together and to prevent me from reaching for my phone to check the time. So, I set out to compile a list of the best quiet wall clocks I could find.

Now, whether you’re looking for a clock you can put in your bedroom, or just one that won’t annoy you during those silent mornings as you’re preparing to go to work, you’ll definitely find a worthy clock on my list.

Best silent wall clocks (non-ticking).

I should be clear about one thing, though: the clocks I’ll be talking about are all analog ones. Digital clocks are also obviously very quiet, but I’ll explain the benefits of having an analog wall clock in just a minute. After I do, I’ll point out some features you’ll want to be on the lookout for when shopping for a silent wall clock. Then, I’ll review some of my favorite ones – so let’s get to it!

Fzy.bstim Non-Ticking Minimalist Wall Clock12-inch diameter
Foxtop Rustic Country Silent Wall Clock12-inch diameter
DreamSky Decorative Kitchen Non-Ticking Wall Clock10-inch diameter
Adalene Faux Bronze Silent Sweep Wall Clock13-inch diameter
HITO Non-Ticking Wall Clock With Aluminum Frame10-inch diameter
Cockii Silent Clock with Large 3D Numbers13-inch diameter
RELIAN Decorative Silent Sweep Wall Clock - 4 Styles12 or 14-inch diameter
Bjerg Instruments Modern Stainless Wall Clock12-inch diameter
KAUZA Handcrafted Matt Black Wooden Wall Clock11.8-inch square
OLDTOWN Retro Oversized Noiseless Wall Clock12 or 23-inch diameter

Why You Need an Analog Silent Wall Clock

There are plenty of reasons why I excluded digital wall clocks and focused on analog ones. Namely, when I started looking for a good wall clock, I already had a digital one – and I was sick and tired of it.

My digital clock was fairly unattractive in comparison to most analog ones I was seeing. But I soon realized that, to me, most digital clocks were similarly unappealing. Analog clocks, on the other hand, were more tactile and often didn’t look as cheap as most digital ones.

Aside from being an unsightly mess of cheap plastic, my digital clock was also pretty hard to handle. I never made use of its more advanced features, like the alarm clock, but moving the clock forward or back bi-annually was a torturous experience every time. Honestly, I’m not even sure if it’s the clock’s fault or my own. I just know that I can move the time on an analog clock with a simple dial, while I inevitably end up resetting the digital one and having to set the date and time all over again.

Actually, the one arena I believe the digital clock has an analog one beaten is the calendar feature. As a person who easily gets lost in time, I do need as many reminders about which day and month it is as possible. However, that fact alone wasn’t enough to deter me, and I’m sure it won’t deter you! So, how should you go about shopping for a silent wall clock?

Features to Look for in Quiet Wall Clocks

As always, there are some standard things you should think about before going shopping. I’ve split them into three main categories: loudness, design, and price. Let me explain why they matter.

Non-Ticking, Silent Sweep

The volume of ticking is obviously at the top of my list of important features. Fortunately, many products are marked as “silent” clocks, which made my search significantly easier. If you’ve read some of my other product reviews, you’ll know that finding silent products isn’t always so easy.

But with clocks, manufacturers pride themselves on creating a silent mechanism, so they often put “non-ticking”, “silent sweep“, or a similar claim in the product name itself.


The overall look of the clock is ultimately the thing that will sell you on a wall clock. You can take your pick of the materials – plastic, metal, wood, or otherwise. In addition, the numbers can be roman, numeral, non-existent, or represented by dots. And, the clock hands can vary as well.

I’ll take great care to describe the design aspects of the clocks in my reviews, such as their color schemes and sizes. These are all features which will determine where you can place the clock if you want it to match the rest of the room. Take the time to consider the room you want to place the clock in, and maybe even the changes you’re planning to make. For example, you could be about to paint the room, so you’ll want to think of the future color of the walls when shopping for a clock.


Finally, you may want to decide on a clock according to your budget. Fortunately, most of the clocks on my list are way under $40. I’ll present the clocks in a price ascending order, so I’ll start with the ones you can find for around $15. After those, I’ve found some which hang around the $20 mark, and some which are upwards of $30.

Finally, I’ll close the article on an $80 silent wall clock – just so you can see what kind of benefits you can expect in a pricier clock. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

List of best silent (quiet) wall clocks.

Best Silent Wall Clocks (Reviews)

1. Fzy.bstim Silent Wall Clock

If you were looking for just a basic minimalist black and white wall clock, here it is. This Fzy.bstim wall clock promises to be completely silent, thanks to its smoothly moving metal clock hands.

The manufacturer achieved this with Quartz Sweep Movement, which is a term that came up in my research a lot. It means that the hands of the clock don’t tick in choppy movements, but continuously move, which makes them quieter.

Speaking of the clock hands, this product has all three of them, so you’ll even be able to tell seconds. Like the hands, the numbers are clear and easy to read, stark black against a pure white background. However, the absence of minute markings between the numbers may make the exact time slightly harder to estimate.

Still, the fact that numbers and hands are the only things on the white background does clean up the overall look of the clock. The black and white color theme makes this 12-inch round clock the perfect piece for almost any room.

Since Quartz Movement is also pretty energy-efficient, the clock only needs a single AA battery to run. The manufacturer does state that carbon batteries are preferable to alkaline, though of course both work. All components of the clock are made of high-quality acrylic, but it’s still affordable.

Main Features:

  • 12-inch diameter
  • Black high-grade acrylic frame and a transparent cover
  • Black Arabic numerals and metal hands on white background
  • Requires an AA battery (preferably carbon)
  • Comes with a hook to hang the clock on

» Fzy.bstim Silent Wall Clock (See on Amazon) «

2. Foxtop Silent Non-Ticking Quartz Decorative Wall Clock

As cool and minimal as the previous product was, this one is quite the opposite. This clock steers clear of the minimal look while still being easy to read. The faux wood frame and background give the clock a charming rustic feel which can fit into a cozy living room or kitchen, and even soften a harsh office space.

Like the previous clock, though, it has the Quartz Movement feature, which will make it essentially noiseless. So, this clock also requires a single (preferably carbon) AA battery to run.

Unlike the previous clock, though, this one only has the hour and minute hands. Both are black and shaped differently, which also adds to the charm of the piece. The outer edge of the clock face is encircled with minute lines, so the numbers are pushed in towards the center of the clock. The lines and numbers are clear and legible, white on the brown wood background.

This wall clock is made of plastic and covered in a wood imitation, and there’s a sheet of glass over the face of the clock to protect it from dust.

Main Features:

  • 12-inch diameter
  • Wood imitation plastic and glass
  • White Arabic numerals and black hands on wood background
  • Requires an AA battery (carbon is best)
  • Comes with a hook

» Foxtop Silent Quartz Wall Clock (See on Amazon) «

3. DreamSky Quiet Wall Clock Non-Ticking Wall Clock

Like the previous two entries on this list, the DreamSky clock has the Quartz Movement feature that ensures the smooth movement of the clock’s three hands and keeps it quiet. As such, the clock needs a single AA battery to run, though the manufacturer didn’t specify that it should be a carbon one.

However, at only 10 inches in diameter, this wall clock is smaller than the others on the list. The smaller width doesn’t make the dial of the clock too crowded, though. The minute lines along the exterior of the clock face are clear and black against a white background, as are the big Arabic numerals which are pushed towards the center. Both the numbers and minute lines are 3D, so they’re not just printed on – that should make them easier to see from all angles

There’s also a DreamSky logo under number 12, and a “QUARTZ” sign above 6, though they don’t detract from the overall look of the clock. Unlike the previous clocks, you’ve got some color options with this one, as it’s available in black, blue, and pink. Since the clock is pretty standard, made of plastic and glass, it’s still in our under $20 range.

Main Features:

  • 10-inch diameter
  • Plastic and glass
  • The frame comes in black, blue, and pink
  • Numbers and hands are always black on a white background
  • Requires an AA battery
  • Comes with a hook

» DreamSky Quiet Wall Clock Non-Ticking (Amazon) «

4. Adalene 13-Inch Non-Ticking Silent Wall Clock

I have to admit, the first time I laid eyes on this Adalene decorative clock, I didn’t know what to think of it. At first glance, it seems pretty standard, but the details on the face of the clock, and especially the hands, managed to sell me on it. And, of course, the clock is non-ticking, since it runs on Quartz Movement – which also means that it needs an AA battery.

The whole clock is made of acrylic crystal, which should prevent both the surface of the clock and the delicate clock hands from damage. Brownish with darker brush textures, the frame resembles aged bronze. While the total diameter of the clock is 13 inches, the face itself is a bit smaller, though it’s still wide enough to house very big and legible Arabic numerals.

The numbers themselves are very attractive, with varying stroke thicknesses, serifs, and terminal balls. All of these elements add to the classic look of the watch.

In the other clock faces, we saw that the numbers were pushed inwards, while the minute lines were around the perimeter of the clock. This clock inverts that order, centering the numbers in the outer portion of the clock face, and pushing the minute markings closer to the center, making another concentric circle inside of the clock. Inside the circular minute markers, the manufacturer’s logo is under number 12, and there’s a “QUARTZ” sign above 6.

Despite its premium look, and the three thin, twisting clock hands, the product sticks around the $20 price point.

Main Features:

  • 13-inch diameter
  • Acrylic crystal faux bronze frame and clear cover
  • Continuously moving metal decorative clock hands
  • Requires an AA battery

» Adalene Non-Ticking Silent Wall Clock (See on Amazon) «

5. HITO Silent Non-Ticking Wall Clock

Let’s move away from the all-plastic clocks for while sticking around the same price point a little bit, by checking out the aluminum frame HITO clock.

After the decorative clock we just saw, this one looks even more reduced, even with the added features. But, before I get to those, I’ll quickly cover the basics.

This clock is only 10 inches in diameter, with a silvery metal frame and four color options. If you’re looking for the most basic one, you can get the white clock face with black hands, minute marks, and numbers. However, if you want something more special, you can choose black, sky blue, or grass green backgrounds, with white hands and markings instead.

As expected, the minute markings are arranged around the outskirts of the clock face, while the Arabic numerals are pushed in, smaller than on the other clocks but still clear. There are three clock hands, two of which move in continuous silent sweeping movements. Though the manufacturer doesn’t specify if they used Quartz technology, the clock still requires a single AA battery to run.

Finally, the clock also has two extra features, under number 12 and above 6. There’s a Celsius and Fahrenheit thermometer above the center of the clock face, and a hydrometer under it.

Main Features:

  • 10-inch diameter
  • Silver aluminum frame
  • White background with black details or black, blue, and green clock faces with white details
  • Requires an AA battery
  • Thermometer and hydrometer

» HITO Silent Non-Ticking Wall Clock (See on Amazon) «

6. Cockii Wall Clock 13-Inch with Large 3D Numbers

I can just imagine this stylish matte black Cockii clock gracing the walls of a CEOs office or a magnificent home. Like the other clocks on my list, it’s completely soundless, as it has three smoothly moving hands thanks to the Quartz mechanism. In fact, there’s a “QUARTZ” claim above number 6, and the manufacturer’s logo under 12, like some of the other clocks I’ve mentioned.

The entire 13-inch clock looks as though it was made of a single piece of high-quality plastic. The Arabic numerals are large and stark white against the black background, and they’re 3D, which makes them stand out even more. Also, the glass covering the clock face is fog-resistant, so the numbers should remain visible at all times.

Finally, this clock is still within the $20 range, so if that’s the limit of your budget, you’ll have many amazing options. And, if for some reason you like the look of this clock but not the manufacturer, Plumeet makes an almost identical wall clock as well. The next review gets us into the above $30 category.

Main Features:

  • 13-inch diameter
  • Matte black plastic, 3D white detailing
  • Glass lens covering the clock face
  • Requires an AA battery

» Cockii Clock with Large 3D Numbers (See on Amazon) «

7. RELIAN Decorative Wall Clock

This RELIAN decorative wall clock is as quiet as can be, with three Quartz moving hands. The hands are thin, dainty, and black – except for the red second hand. It needs an AA battery to work, though the manufacturer doesn’t specify what kind.

Unlike all of the other clocks I’ve reviewed so far, this one doesn’t come in a frame or cover. This may present a bit of an issue, especially if the thin hands are bent in transit.

The clock is available in 12 and 14-inch diameters, and it’s made of 0.35-inch thick medium-density fiberboard. The back of the board is nicely disguised to resemble deep brown wood, and the face comes in 4 different styles.

The first style resembles distressed colored boards in various shades of blue and yellow. It has large black Arabic numerals, but no minute markings.

The second style does have minute markings, and the Arabic numbers are mostly black, with a few white ones. The background also looks aged and very colorful, with blocks of color under each number and in the center. I have a pretty serious gripe with this design, though: the numbers go towards the center of the clock, so there’s an unpleasant flip between 8 and 9, and 3 and 4.

The next style doesn’t have the same issue, though the Roman numerals are also turned towards the center. The decorative paper is light pink, with darker distressed edges around the minute markings. There are flowers and butterflies in the middle.

Finally, the last style also has flipped Arabic numerals. The background itself is very pretty, with a sunflower and a butterfly on a cream background.

Main Features:

  • 12 or 14-inch diameter
  • 0.35-inch thick durable MDF, no frame or cover
  • 4 styles
  • Requires an AA battery

» RELIAN Decorative Wall Clock (See on Amazon) «

8. MOOQ Simple Modern White Round Wooden Wall Clock

This gorgeous MOOQ clock also consists of a simple board, with no frame or cover. It’s powered by a single AA battery and operated by Quartz Movement, so it’s noiseless.

The clock face is completely white, and it’s made of non-toxic engineered wood. The two hands, on the other hand, are natural wood.

This product is 11.4 inches in diameter and it’s available in four styles which differ in numerals and hands, while the background remains pure white. The first style has only simple black Arabic numerals on the white background, with two delicate rectangular clock hands.

The second style switches up the shape of the Arabic numerals, and has branch-shaped clock hands, while the third brings us back to the rectangular hands, but replaces Arabic numerals with slim Roman numbers. Finally, the last style keeps the rectangular hands, but goes for an even more simplified style, replacing the numbers with simple lines.

Main Features:

  • 11-inch diameter
  • White wooden board with black letters and natural wood hands
  • Available in 4 styles
  • Requires an AA battery

» MOOQ Modern Wooden Wall Clock (See on Amazon) «

9. Bjerg Instruments Stainless Wall Clock

Between its stainless steel frame, and its glass cover, this Bjerg clock takes us back to more durable minimalist styles. It has three silent sweeping clock hands and needs only one AA battery to work.

The whole clock is 12 inches in diameter, though the steel frame makes the actual face of the clock a bit narrower. Still, there’s plenty of room for the clearly visible minute markings, Arabic numerals, and even the manufacturer’s stamp in the lower part of the clock.

This clock comes in two styles. The first has light gray markings, numbers and clock hands on top of a black background. However, the other style isn’t just an inversion of these colors. The black minute markings on the white background are thinner and longer, and the numbers are simplified and much smaller. Also, two of the clock hands are black, while the third one is red.

Main Features:

  • 12-inch diameter
  • Stainless steel frame and glass cover
  • Black details on white background, or vice versa (with stylistics differences)
  • Requires an AA battery

» Bjerg Instruments Stainless Wall Clock (See on Amazon) «

10. KAUZA Handcrafted Wooden Wall Clock

The last two clocks are truly the standouts of this list, design-wise. Before I talk about what makes this KAUZA clock so special, let’s see what landed it a spot on this list.

At this point, you can probably answer that question yourself. Of course, the clock has Quartz Movement technology that makes its three hands move smoothly and quietly. Also, like all of the other entries on this list, its powered by a single AA battery. That’s pretty much where the similarities end.

Unlike all of the other clocks on this list, the KAUZA clock isn’t round. Rather, it’s an 11.8-inch plywood square encased in a beech veneer. The manufacturer prides themselves on the entire production process being manual. Namely, they do the sanding, painting, and customizing by hand. Due to such a careful manufacturing process, you can expect this clock to be long-lasting, and even waterproof, since it even has a stainless steel mechanism.

The clock face is covered by a rough matte black paint. The minute markings which encircle the Arabic numerals are laser-cut into the clock. Also, the numerals are divided as though they’re stencil numbers, which lends the clock a modern feel.

Main Features:

  • 11.8-inch square
  • Plywood, stainless steel
  • Matte black clock face
  • Quartz movement
  • Requires an AA battery

» KAUZA Handcrafted Wooden Wall Clock (Amazon) «

11. OLDTOWN Noiseless Gear Wall Clock

Finally, my last pick bumps up the price point quite a bit – at least in the larger size. Still, I couldn’t resist adding such a delightful design to my list, since it does satisfy my other requirements. Let’s talk about this OLDTOWN Gear Wall clock.

Thanks to a non-ticking Quartz Movement mechanism, the two clock hands are completely soundless.

The clock comes in two sizes, in diameters of 12 and 23 inches. Naturally, the smaller version comes with a significant drop in price, which places it comfortably among the rest of the entries on this list. The whole clock is made from a half-inch thick MDF which makes it light enough to hang at any size.

The frame of the clock consists of two black concentric circles kept together by the numbers and decorative stationary gear wheels in the middle. So, the clock isn’t actually made from a solid block of wood or plastic, like the others I reviewed were.

While the frame remains the same, the clock is available in two color schemes (bronze and silver), and in Arabic and Roman numerals as well. The Roman numerals are better, in my opinion, as the Arabic ones suffer from the same design flaw we saw on a previous clock. That is, the numbers flip as they circle the clock.

Main Features:

  • 12 or 23-inch diameter
  • Black MDF frame with bronze or silver details
  • Two numeral options
  • Requires an AA battery

» OLDTOWN Noiseless Wall Clock (See on Amazon) «

Final Thoughts on Quiet Clocks

And, that concludes today’s adventure. As we have seen, anyone looking for a soundless analog clock ought to look for the “Quartz Movement” mechanism. Fortunately, clocks which fit this requirement abound!

Everything else about the choice is up to you, so you’ll need to think about your own space and preferences. Silent clocks come in all shapes and sizes, and you can find some with extra features, like the HITO clock with a thermometer and a hydrometer. All you need to know is how to look – which is hopefully something you learned from this article!



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