Waking up Someone Over Text: Tips & Tricks for Early Morning Success

Did you ever wonder if you could wake someone up over text? Although it might seem challenging, there are multiple ways you can get through to a person without actually sharing the same space with them.

From tips for waking light and deep sleepers to some smart apps you can use, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to wake someone up over text that you never knew you needed.

Can You Wake Up Someone Over Text?

Yes, it is indeed possible to wake someone up over text. Nowadays, people can pick different text ringtones for various contacts, so the sound can be anything from a song to an alarm blare. What’s more, phones can vibrate and light up on an incoming text even if they are on silent. Thus, waking someone up is a distinct possibility regardless of a person’s preferred sound setting.

The only problem occurs when one puts their phone on Do Not Disturb. If they do, their phone won’t vibrate, ring, or light up when you text them. As the feature’s name suggests, it is used in times when people want some privacy and need a break from the constant buzzing and notifications. As such, it makes waking up someone via text next to impossible.

However, if a person’s phone isn’t on Do Not Disturb, you have a much better chance to rouse them from slumber with a text or two. How much success you will have depends on the type of sleeper that person is.

Waking up Different Types of Sleepers With Texts

As you might already know, people can be loosely separated into two categories of sleepers. The first category is light sleepers, and the second consists of those who sleep deeply.

Light Sleepers

Light sleepers are people who wake up at the slightest sounds, lights, and smells in their close vicinity. Their rest can be easily disturbed by a car passing by their window, their partner shifting in bed, or someone going to the toilet down the hall.

Although light sleeping is rather common, experts are still unsure as to what exactly causes it. Some believe that it is all up to genetics and everyday habits, while others think it is due to decreased brain activity in deeper stages of sleep.

Whatever the case might be, light sleepers comprise a little over half of the world’s population. Most of them are quite used to sleeping lightly and are still able to get enough rest to thrive every day. However, some struggle with falling asleep after being woken, resulting in them feeling fatigued and tired later in the day.

As for waking light sleepers up with a text, it’s one of the easiest tasks to achieve. As already mentioned, they usually hear the slightest of sounds. So, they’ll most likely hear your text even if their phone is on Silent and it just vibrates. And in case they are extremely easy to wake, even the phone’s screen lighting up will be enough.

Therefore, if the person you wish to wake is a light sleeper, you have nothing to worry about. Simply shoot them a text or two in the morning, and they’ll be ready to start the day.

Deep Sleepers

On the other end of the spectrum, we have deep sleepers. They are the complete opposites of those who sleep light, meaning that it takes a lot to wake them up. In fact, they usually cannot hear anything happening around them, and some don’t even register the noise occurring in their own room.

Again, scientists are unsure what causes some to sleep so deeply. Most of them are of the opinion that it is a genetic predisposition, but some are also exploring other possibilities, including increases in brain activity and sleep spindles.

Matters are a bit more complex when it comes to the effect that deep sleep has on an individual. Many people find that sleeping deeply leaves them disoriented, tired, and fatigued during the day. Yet, some also get excellent rest, so it’s all up to the person and their habits and needs.

As you might be able to guess already, waking up a deep sleeper with a text can be quite a challenge. Since they require a louder sound to be roused, you might have to text them multiple times in quick succession to get the job done. In addition, you might be fighting a losing battle if their phone is on Silent, as they likely won’t hear a vibration or see the screen lighting up.

Still, don’t give up right away. Being persistent is the key to waking a deep sleeper, and you can do that via text as well. So, the best course of action is to text them repeatedly until you get a response.

Tips for Waking Someone up via Text

Whether they are light or deep sleepers, there are some universal tips you can use to wake someone with a text. Read on to find out what they are.

Make a Game Out of It

If you find that you can get someone to wake but not to actually get up and start their day, this trick is for you. Namely, you might have more luck if you try to stimulate them intellectually.

For example, instead of a generic wake-up text, send them a riddle or puzzle instead. Alternatively, you can come up with a few challenges they have to complete. It could be to write you back or to actually get out of bed and do something physically.

Either way, activities like these will likely rouse them enough so that their sleep hormones settle and decrease. When that happens, going back to sleep won’t be as appalling, and they will rise more easily.

In these cases, it could also help to call the person after texting them. By talking to them or asking them questions, the wake-up process will be much more seamless.

Choose a Customized Ringtone

As already mentioned, smartphones allow you to set custom text and call ringtones for different contacts. This feature can definitely come in handy when waking someone up with a text.

Namely, most people aren’t able to hear the default text sounds while sleeping. These sounds are usually short and not as loud, so they easily go unnoticed (especially with deep sleepers).

However, if you set up your own ringtone, matters become a lot easier. For one, you can pick a song or sound that the person you’re trying to wake loves. Alternatively, it might also be smart to choose something that annoys them, so they can’t easily ignore it.

Whatever you end up going for, the chances of you waking up your partner or friend will increase significantly. Add some double or even triple texting to the mix, and your success is likely guaranteed.

A Walkaround for Do Not Disturb

Although putting one’s phone on Do Not Disturb means they won’t get any notifications, there is a trick to bypass the restriction. If you agree with someone that you’ll be the one waking them up, they can add your number to a special list whose texts and calls will come through regardless of the setting.

In other words, they will still be able to enjoy their peace and receive your text at the same time. Users can add special contacts both on Android and iOS devices, and the process is quite simple.

On Androids, all it takes is favoriting a contact. It will immediately be added to your Do Not Disturb Allowed Contacts list, and you’ll be good to go. On iOS, one simply adds a contact to the list when setting up the feature in the Focus section in Settings.

As soon as your number is registered, you’ll be able to text a person and have the message go through even on Do Not Disturb. Thus, you’ll be able to wake them up easily.

Use an Alarm App

Although they do not rely on texts directly, some alarm apps can help you wake someone up without calling them. For example, the Galarm app is a useful tool that allows you to set up buddy alarms and reminders.

If both you and your friend/partner install the app on your phone, the rest will be easy to set up. Just choose a time and ringtone for an alarm, and the app will send it to the other phone.

In addition, you will be able to track the person’s progress. So, you’ll see whether they’ve turned the alarm off, snoozed it, or ignored it altogether. With that knowledge, you can choose to have the alarm ring again and again until your plan works and the person gets up.

Another fun app you can try out is Snoozle. It lets you record a voice note that will be sent to your connection as a personalized alarm sound. Thus, instead of a ringtone, they’ll hear your voice rousing them from sleep.

Make Them Laugh

A good way to stimulate someone as soon as they open their eyes is to send them a funny text. It could be a joke, a funny anecdote, a meme, or anything else that might do the trick.

By making them laugh, you will make it easier for a person to shake the last remnants of sleepiness. In addition, you’ll help their day start in the best way possible — with laughter.

Most Importantly — Persevere

Last but not least, we’ll reiterate a piece of advice we already covered briefly. Namely, the secret to successfully waking someone up via text is being extra persistent.

In other words, don’t just leave things at a single text. Instead, send them several messages until you’re sure that your efforts are paying off. This is especially important for deep sleepers, as hearing a prolonged sound and vibration might be just what they need to wake.

Final Thoughts

Although calls and one’s presence are usually more successful, it is indeed possible to wake someone via text. Depending on whether they are light or deep sleepers, you’ll have more or less success with special ringtones, alarm apps, and persistent texting.

In the end, the key is to talk to the person you’re trying to wake up and come up with a game plan together. If they expect a text from you in the morning, their subconsciousness might wake them easily as soon as it arrives. Or, they will know to keep their phone close by so that you can easily reach them. Either way, it is essential to work together and experiment until you find a solution that works best.


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