How to Wake Up Your Boyfriend Over the Phone: Texts vs. Calls

Are you looking for ways to wake up your boyfriend via phone? Although waking someone up in person is much easier and more effective, it is indeed possible to do it over the phone. Depending on how heavily one sleeps, calls and texts can work to different extents.

Read on to see what the most effective waking methods are, as well as what type of sleepers they’re suitable for.

What Type of Sleeper Is Your Boyfriend?

Before diving into wake-up text and call ideas, let’s discuss the two different types of sleepers. Based on the information below, you will be able to gauge which group your boyfriend fits, so finding effective ways to wake him will be easier.

Light and Heavy Sleepers

Light sleepers are usually awakened by the slightest disturbances in their sleeping environment. For example, they will probably hear a dog barking in the street, a car passing by their window, or neighbors talking in the apartment next to them. Similarly, their own family might also disrupt their slumber, be it someone going to the bathroom or their partner shifting next to them.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have those who sleep so deeply that they rarely hear anything happening in their close vicinity. They’re called heavy or deep sleepers, and they usually don’t hear any noise around them, no matter how close it is.

Currently, it is not entirely clear what makes a person fall into one of these two categories. It could be the level of everyday stress they face, genetics, differences in brain activity during sleep, and other factors.

Waking up Light and Heavy Sleepers

Generally speaking, waking up light sleepers is quite easy. They hear alarms, phone calls, and texts right away. Plus, they might even wake naturally as sunlight pours into the room or as they smell coffee or breakfast.

Likewise, waking them via phone is effortless. You’ll probably only need a single call or text, and they’ll be up and ready to face the day ahead.

Conversely, rousing heavy sleepers is a lot more challenging. Since they aren’t easily awakened, they might miss alarms or not even hear incoming texts or calls. In addition, they may have trouble getting up even if they do hear an alarm, as they sleep so deeply.

Thus, you will likely have more success waking a heavy sleeper over a call than a text. The ringtone will be louder and last longer, increasing your chances of rousing your boyfriend in the morning.

Wake-up Calls vs. Texts: Pros and Cons

If you’re still on the fence about which wake-up method to use, here is a pros and cons guide for both texts and calls.



As already mentioned, calls are more effective when it comes to waking deep sleepers. Calls are louder, and the phone will ring for at least a minute, increasing your chances for success. If one’s phone is set up that way, it will also vibrate as it rings, making even more noise.

Furthermore, all smartphones allow you to set up special ringtones for certain contacts. Thus, you can ensure your boyfriend hears a specific song or alarm sound when you call him. Depending on how deeply he sleeps and what works better, you can either choose something he loves or something that will annoy him and make him pick up immediately.

Next, calls are also a rather personal and intimate way to wake someone. Talking to your boyfriend early in the morning will help you both start your day in the best way possible and reinforce your closeness. Plus, you get to chat about anything you want and stimulate your brains to wake up and be more alert.


However, it’s important to note that calls can also disturb someone and wake them up too forcibly. Hearing a sudden and loud ringtone in the morning can frighten a person and cause unnecessary stress that can affect the rest of their day.

In addition, calls are not a good choice for those who aren’t that talkative in the mornings. They probably won’t be in the mood to chat when they pick up and might get annoyed at you for expecting it.

Thus, it’s best to use calls on deeper sleepers who are usually chatty in the morning. That way, you’ll ensure your calls actually wake them up and put them in a good mood right away.



Similarly to calls, you can also personalize your text ringtone on all phones. So, you can choose just about any sound and set it as your custom ringtone on your boyfriend’s phone. It’s best to pick a shorter but effective sound, as the text ringtone is not nearly as long as that of a call.

Moreover, the phone can also vibrate as the text lights up the screen. That might give you an advantage when it comes to waking a heavier sleeper, as the vibrations cause quite a bit of noise, especially if the phone is on a hard and flat surface.

As already mentioned above, texts are a better choice if your boyfriend isn’t really a morning person. By shooting him a text instead of calling, you will give him enough time to gather his thoughts and reply. Furthermore, he won’t get annoyed as he won’t have to physically talk in order to communicate with you.

Lastly, texts give you a bit of creative and artistic freedom that might not be as available with calls. For example, you could text your boyfriend a small crossword puzzle or a series of challenges he has to complete. Of course, you can do that via call as well, but seeing the words written in front of him could make him alert more easily.


Unfortunately, texts aren’t the most effective wake-up tools for those that sleep heavily. Namely, they might not even hear the text come in, even if the phone vibrates as it does.

However, you might have more luck if your text ringtone is custom. Moreover, it’s wise to send a few texts in quick succession. That way, the phone will ring longer, and the vibrations will become loud enough that they might wake your boyfriend after all.

Waking up Your Boyfriend Over the Phone: Ideas to Try Out

1. A Custom Ringtone Is a Must

No matter which method you choose, it’s pivotal to pick your own personalized ringtone. By doing so, you’ll make sure your boyfriend knows exactly who is texting or calling him when the phone rings.

As already mentioned, this ringtone can be one of his favorite songs. Generally, it’s better to choose something upbeat, but it all depends on the person being woken and what they prefer. To make things extra romantic, you can even choose a song you both connect to your relationship.

For those who prefer texting, you also have a bunch of options to choose from. Again, it’s best to pick something loud and powerful, but for a light sleeper, even a tiny beep will likely be enough.

And if you want to make the text more personal or funny, you could also record yourself saying something and have him set that as the ringtone. Make sure it’s short, and your boyfriend will start every new day by hearing your voice even if you don’t call him.

2. Make Your Texts Mentally Stimulating

In one of the previous sections, we’ve mentioned that texts can be a great way to mentally stimulate your boyfriend in the morning. Examples include sending puzzles, challenges, riddles, short answer questions, and anything else you think might work.

By starting his day with a challenging but fun task, your boyfriend will have an easier time getting out of bed. What’s more, he will likely have better focus at work or school, making him more productive.

These tasks can also work over calls, although you’ll have to focus on riddles and questions instead of puzzles. Ask your boyfriend which option he would prefer, and choose accordingly.

3. Show Your Love

Whether you call or text, loving words will surely make your boyfriend smile. So, you can try sending him a romantic text or waking him up with a call where you will tell him how you feel about him.

Hearing you say that you love him and wish him an amazing day will ensure he gets an endorphin rush early in the day. As a result, he will be more energetic, focused, and excited about what’s ahead.

4. Be Funny

Laughter is truly the best way to start one’s day. Thus, you cannot go wrong with sending your man a funny text or an elaborate joke that requires answers on his part. Likewise, you can also do it via call and hear his reaction in real time.

In this case, there are no limits to what you can pick. From dirty jokes to bad puns, anything that will make him crack up and laugh out loud is allowed. Also, try to always switch things up and keep him on his toes. That way, he will never know what to expect when he picks up the phone or opens your text.

5. Get a Buddy Alarm App

Last but not least, you and your boyfriend can also install a buddy alarm app on your phones. A great option you can try is Galarm. It allows you to set daily alarms, get updates on whether your boyfriend has snoozed the reminders, and send out calls and texts again if necessary.

This app also offers you a wide variety of repetition options, so every morning can start in a different way. An app like this is especially great if you cannot text or call your boyfriend for whatever reason.

To Sum Up

In order to find a wake-up method that will work, it is imperative to experiment. So, you and your boyfriend should try different things for a bit before settling on a technique that works. And don’t forget — you can always combine the techniques as well. Be patient and creative, and waking him up over text or call will easily become something fun and exciting that you can both enjoy.


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