9 Helpful Tips for Gaming Quietly at Night

Sleeping soundly with a rowdy gamer nearby is not the easiest task in the world. The constant clicks, taps, conversations, and commentary as the game progresses well into the night can be pretty infuriating.

If you’re that gamer and you’d like your family or roommates to get a good night’s sleep, this guide is for you. Below, I’ll teach you how to game quietly at night and still have a great experience.

1. Use Headphones

If you want to enjoy your game at full volume at night, you’ll definitely need a pair of quality headphones. They’ll help keep your room quieter while still letting you have fun.

Now, there are countless models to choose from. The prices range from $20 to $500+, so you’ll certainly find something that fits your budget. Plus, the headphones can come with many special features, from Dolby Atmos audio to noise-canceling abilities.

When using the headphones, though, make sure you don’t up the volume too much. Namely, that could damage your hearing in the long run, especially if you’re playing games with shootouts, explosions, and other sudden impact noises. In short, keep the volume at a reasonable level, and you’ll be golden.

2. Get a Quiet Mouse

Switching from a regular type to an extra quiet mouse can be a real game-changer. Most manufacturers use soundless switch technology for their buttons, meaning that the impact from a click is absorbed with virtually no noise.

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The best thing about these mice is they’re pretty affordable. In other words, you can get one without breaking the bank. Plus, they are available in just about any color and style you can imagine, so you’ll surely find something that matches your vibe. For detailed reviews and recommendations, delve into our article on the best silent gaming mice.

3. Invest in a Quiet Keyboard

Even more than a quiet mouse, a soundless keyboard is an absolute must-have for every gamer. After all, the constant noise from typing can keep people up even if they’re in a whole different room.

Luckily, there are numerous soundless keyboards on the market. Some time ago, I sat down and compiled this list with the best models, taking into account factors such as size, the keypad profile, lighting effects, compatibility, and others. You can check it out to find the keyboard of your dreams.

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Besides the keyboard itself, you can also work on the way you use it. Learning how to type quietly isn’t a walk in the park, but it can be done if you’re willing to be mindful and practice.

Plus, you can take advantage of various helpful tools, from soundless desk mats to soft gloves for typing. Either way, there are many ways to make your typing quieter, so there’s no excuse for not trying.

4. Do Proper Gamepad Maintenance

In case you prefer using a gamepad, there are still a few things you can try. For one, certain models do have quieter buttons, so you can try out one of them.

Aside from that, you should also do regular gamepad maintenance. For starters, that includes cleaning your gamepad at least once a week. You can use cotton swabs or wet wipes.

In addition, it’s smart to take the controller apart and clean it from the inside every couple of months. That way, you’ll ensure no dirt or debris gets stuck and starts making excess noise.

Another smart idea is to use some lubricant spray on all metal keys. Doing so will ensure the metal doesn’t creak when you press it, making for a more soundless gaming experience.

5. Soundproof Your Room

If none of the above yields results, you can take things to the next level and soundproof your entire gaming room. And before you start worrying — doing so doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive at all.

For example, you can get a quality draft stopper and place it at the bottom of your door. This model from Holikme is quite thick and sound-absorbing, so it will definitely help keep the bulk of the noise inside your room.

Next, you can also put up some adhesive weatherstripping tape around your door frame. It will seal the rest of the gaps in the door so that, along with the draft stopper, you have full coverage.

Doing some furniture rearranging could also help. Namely, placing heavier furniture pieces along shared walls will help absorb some of the noise you make. The sound waves will have to travel through various obstacles to reach anyone nearby, so they will become quieter.

So, try moving your closet or a heavy bookcase to a more suitable position. It might not seem like much, but it can help if you combine it with the tricks above.

Of course, there are also more permanent and expensive ways to soundproof your room if you have the time and money. We’ll go over those below.

More Soundproofing Options

For starters, you could buy some soundproofing blankets. Most people use their acoustic properties by nailing them to their walls. The blankets then easily absorb sound, ensuring very little gets out of the room.

Furthermore, you can also use the blankets on your windows and doors, as they are equally effective that way. If that’s what you go for, find a model with grommets, as it will be easy to use it as a curtain.

Besides blankets, you can also invest in acoustic foam panels. You glue them to your walls and ceilings, and they do a superb job of improving the acoustics in the room.

And naturally, you can also improve your room’s insulation, use mass-loaded vinyl, or soundproof your drywall. Each of these options is quite expensive, but they are definitely the best long-term solutions you can go for.

6. Make Your Gaming Console as Quiet as Possible

Sometimes, the dust buildup in your console fans can cause the whole unit to make more noise, especially when it runs for a longer time. To avoid this issue, clean the fans every once in a while.

Fixing a noisy Xbox fan.

The safest way to do that is to dismantle the console by taking out the screws and opening it up. Then, use compressed air and a microfiber towel to delicately clean the fans and internal components. Finally, you can wipe the external casing using a slightly damp cloth or wet wipes. Once it is fully dry, you can put it back together again.

Some people also use their vacuum cleaners to clean the fans without taking anything apart. While this method is less effective, it could also damage your console. So, it’s better to stick with the more complicated process instead.

Another good way to make your console quieter is to get anti-vibration rubber pads and place them underneath it. By doing so, you will ensure some of the vibrations are absorbed by the pads and not your cabinet or floor.

7. Get a Soundproofing Partition

In case you want to make your gaming equipment and desk a little sanctuary within your room, you can invest in an acoustic partition.

Although it won’t be 100% effective since the roof is open, it will still keep most of the noise inside. Plus, you can always hang a soundproofing blanket over it and seal it off completely.

The best thing is there are many partition designs available. Therefore, you’ll definitely find something that fits in with the rest of your room quite nicely.

8. Lift Your Speakers

If you’re using speakers, are they sitting directly on your desk or floor? In that case, the vibrations might be seeping through the wood too easily. To address this concern, consider using soundproofing pads, such as those offered by Xcell.

You simply have to place them under your speakers and let them absorb the bulk of the vibrations. Besides making your room quieter, they may also improve the sound, making your experience even better.

9. Be More Careful

Last — but certainly not least — you also need to be more careful when gaming at night. It might surprise you, but actively trying to make less noise won’t take too much away from your overall enjoyment.

All you have to do is try and handle your equipment with more care. For instance, don’t bang on your keyboard and mouse when you’re losing or playing through a dramatic moment. Likewise, find a volume that lets you hear everything without making your walls shake from the noise.

In addition, if you’re playing with others, keep your voice at a regular, everyday conversation level. If you have a headset, your buddies will hear you just fine without any yelling.

With time, these little changes can become habits, and you’ll be able to make gaming a hobby you can enjoy at any time of day or night.

Final Thoughts

No matter what your budget is, there are countless soundproofing options you can try if you like gaming at night. From hanging acoustic blankets and soundproofing your drywall to buying quieter equipment, there is something for everyone.

I hope this guide puts you on the right path to finding the best solution for you. Finally, remember that none of these tips work perfectly in isolation. So, combine a few of them, and you will surely find a long-term solution that everyone will be happy with.


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